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The internet contains many interesting websites, that’s for sure. Whoever started browsing the internet and then realized that it’s 5 a.m. and they’ve been going from website to website looking at cool, funny, and interesting things, knows that it’s very unlikely to run out of websites that can fill your time. Whether you like looking at cool photographs, or you enjoy seeing funny edits, or even read about some of the world’s weirdest merchandise, there’s always a website that you can go to in order to satisfy your curiosity. Today, we’re going to provide you with 10 interesting websites you should definitely visit whenever you have some free time.

10 Interesting Websites to Check Out ASAP

1. This Is Why I’m Broke

If the name of this website hasn’t convinced you to check it out, maybe its content will. This is a website where you can find all sorts of unique products that you can buy, that you probably were unaware existed. Think in terms of a six shooter smoking pipe, a cat face massager, a steering wheel tray, an iPhone case that’s also a bottle opener, and so on.

2. Timelapse

If you’d like to explore different places in the world, but you don’t have the time and money to go farther than your computer, you can visit Timelapse and take a look at how any place on Earth has changed and evolved over the last three decades. There’s an “Explore Our World” option that you can use to search for any place you want. Then, you can look at the timelapse made with Google Maps satellite images.

3. LOL My Thesis

For the people who are familiar with the struggles of writing a thesis, be it a bachelor or a dissertation, this website is going to be extremely entertaining. It was created by a senior at Harvard University, and it is compiled of funny one-line summaries of different theses. For instance, someone from the University of Denver who studied philosophy summarized their thesis (which was entitled “Good on Paper, But Not in Practice: The Moral and Practical Failings of the Current Economic Systems”) as such:

yeah, communism didn’t work, but capitalism doesn’t really work either, and no i don’t have a solution i’m just pointing it out.

4. Project Alexandria

If you’re a bookworm, we advise you to access the Project Alexandria website. You can enter the name of your favorite book or the name of its author. Then, the website will suggest 5 recommendations of books that you might enjoy as well.

5. Dear Photograph

Photography enthusiasts are going to love this website. It features pictures of people that are holding an old picture while standing in the exact same spot where that picture was taken. It’s definitely interesting to see how places change over the years.

6. Touch Pianist

You too can be a pianist for a couple of hours with the help of this cool website. All you have to do is choose the tune you want to play. Then, just hit random keyboards on your computer. You can dictate the speed of the tune and recreate it as best as you can.

7. Textastrophe

Have you ever regretted making your cell phone number public? The people who are featured on this website definitely do. This is a collection of screenshots featuring conversations between the wesbite’s creator and people whose phone number he found in ads on Craigslist. Some of them are truly hilarious, and they’ll definitely keep you busy and entertained for a while.

8. Is It Normal

Most of us have probably wondered at least once whether we’re the only people in the world doing a specific thing or not. If you’re ever asked yourself that, you can find out the answer on this website. Just ask the question, wait for someone to approve it, and see what the rest of the community has to say about your weird habit.

9. Explore-Everest

This is one of the most interesting websites for people who enjoy the mountainside and gorgeous landscapes. If you can’t climb Mount Everest just yet, you can do it virtually with this Virtual 3D Trek. You won’t regret it!

10. Honest Slogans

The last example on our list of interesting websites is called Honest Slogans. It reimagines some of the world’s most popular slogans, exploring how they would sound if the brands were to be completely honest.

We hope you had fun learning about these interesting websites, and that we’ve determined you to check them out whenever you have some free time on your hands.

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