Web design has become an important part of any respectable firm, representing both its image, as long as its portfolio. There are many branches growing out of this tree, including web graphic and interface design, authoring, and so on. Albeit web design has a fairly recent history, it is rightfully considered a huge technological advancement. In the past 10 years web design registered a rapid growth, pushing the limits of our imagination and capabilities. As such, programming languages and extensions such as Java, Flash and Adobe’s Flash Player, Adobe Photoshop and so on have dramatically changed the way we browse the internet. We therefore present a list of top rated website designs.


10. UltraNoir



Comprised of a team of only 15 people, UltraNoir was founded in July the 4th 2006 by three new technologies lovers. In 2011 was awarded with “The Agency Of The Year”. Their priority is to produce cutting-edge websites, using the latest technology for HTML integration (CSS, Jquery, MooTools, etc). It has received many awards for its online creations, including some of the most prestigious prizes in the field – in France, for example, UltraNoir is the top-ranked prizewinner for HTML/CSS sites.

9. SoulWire



The creator of Soulwire is Justing, an interactive developer working at FI, Stockholm. His website includes some creative experiments created with a handful of web-programming “toys”, such as Actionscript 3.0, Flash, Triangulation, Felt-Tip Pens, Pencils, Java Script, Canvas, and so on. Visit his website and tell us what you think.

8. LicenseLab



Our seventh contestant in the top rated website designs list is LicenseLab, an independent and dependable resource for editors, producers, and music supervisors that need a constant stream of exclusive production music for commercial licensing.

7. Slavery



Slavery Print allows its consumers to monitor their consumption habits and how they are connected to modern-day slavery. Also, you can make us of their “Free World” mobile app and online action center, to express your demands for things made without slave labor.  – We are collectively raising our voices so we can work with companies to manufacture our stuff “Made in a Free World”, reads their portal. The website’s design is absolutely breathtaking and full of surprises.

6. MomentSkis



Over the past twelve months the website changed its location into a new factory place, doubled its production, and tripled its staff. Furthermore, the company tested and okay-ed new materials across the board, and implemented new manufacturing processes, all while designing six new adult skis, a junior ski, and a whole line of outerwear with improved fabrics and construction.

5. CaptainDash



Number five in the list of top rated website designs is CaptainDash, a team of people that focus on managing the complete integration of your data handling, everything from the data sourcing and the project management to your employees training. The website also provides with management & data sourcing, and analysis & consulting.

 4. PushHere



Starting their business with no more than five people more than a decade ago (1996), PushHere had rapidly grown in size and stature ever since, attracting a talented group people, including strategists, writers, art directors, digital geeks, programmers, social media mavens, and advertising individuals who found in Push what they couldn’t elsewhere. The portal providers with different types of services, including account planning and research, creative and design services, digital services, etc.

3. Area17



“Our mission is to make the web a better place — for work and for life — by delivering solutions that are equally valuable, sustainable and enriching. AREA?17 is located in New York City and Paris, France. We are independently owned and creatively motivated,” reads their presentation. The company blends the practices of design, technology, and branding to create modern interactive systems.

2. Scozzese



“We love design, we make design” – a simple yet self-explanatory motto that comprises in just a few words what Scozzese is all about. The website’s design is unique, and encapsulates information and imagery about today’s designs and designers. Scozzese is basically a very sleek and fashionable Italian indexer website that focuses on today’s brands and trends.

1. Carsonified



“We believe the web is the most amazing innovation to occur in recent history and that it’s going to change the world and make it better,” and the company is willing to help with as much as they can, driven by that specific purpose. The team at Carsonified believes in an open internet, a place that no other entity can control or own. Craftsmanship, beauty, quality are just a few words to describe the company’s status. Their website offers online video tutorials for web designers and developers, training, inspiration, and a communications bridge between them – the professionals – and those talented individuals who are looking forward to making a living out of this amazing and creative business.

Today’s question comes in the form of a request: Can you post a link in the comment section with one of the websites designed by you?