10 Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

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Cigarettes are and have always been one of the most present vices in people’s lives. To be able to increase the number of customers, or to attract them to a particular brand, producers were forced constantly to come up with new ideas and attractive ways to promote their products. Besides this, through commercials they had to make us forget about any medical advice that has always been telling us that smoking is bad for health.

If now they are forced to put on packages shocking images that make children keep away from a pack of cigarettes and the ads are not so many, let’s see how it looks to have a top ten vintage advertisements when manufacturers were not fighting between them for a place on the market.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

10. Chesterfield

Cigarettes and sports have nothing in common, one would say. That’s because if you smoke, you do not have much stamina. But some older commercials were linking smoking and football, for example. You’ll see clearer if you smoke a cigarette from Chesterfield.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

9. LM

Always a romantic person has a cigarette which he puffs looking dreamy at a void only he understands. Thus, for every romantic moment, you must have a cigarette pack at hand and the moment, as we see in the ad above, becomes a LM one.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

8. Eve

Do you find cigarettes ugly? They do not have a form that displeases the eye, so they cannot be characterized as ugly or beautiful, but there have been times in which any element appeared should have been promoted, so this is how the cute Eve cigarettes appeared.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

7. Murad

Maybe cigarettes are not beautiful or ugly, but definitely some consider them jewels and you cannot separate them. So this is how the folks at Murad decided to promote their cigarettes. Have you ever thought of cigarettes as priceless jewels?

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

6. Fact

Not only for romantic peoples is it a characteristic feature to have a cigarette in the corner of the mouth. The realists, for example, think better when they smoke. And when you also have three things you can present as facts, then advertisement for Fact cigarettes is simply perfect for those with feet on the ground.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

5. Viceroy

We’ve heard several times that most cavities occur because of smoking. But there is an advertisement which shows that not all cigarettes ruin our teeth in the same way and the dentist then confidently recommends his patients to smoke Viceroy.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

4. Flying Dutchman

Even if it’s not a cigarette, with the help of the tobacco for pipe Flying Dutchman you will have any woman you want. See above how their advertisement looks likes.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

3. du Maruier

Another thing that a cigarettes offers is self-confidence or a self-image that you did not know about by now. Thus, those who smoked du Maurier were people with good taste and have always had a desire for something better.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

2. Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Camel

No even Santa was able to escape smoking. Probably because there is the idea that smoking makes you lose weight, and he has to get fit inside a chimney, but rather that a pack of cigarettes is always the best gift. Thus, without a carton of Pall Mall, Lucky Strike or Camel under the tree, no one is happy on Christmas Day.

Vintage Ads for Cigarettes

1. Marlboro

However, the most common idea, both in advertisements for cigarettes and among smokers, is that smoking relaxes you. The Marlboro brand used a commercial in which children encouraged their mothers to smoke a cigarette before they started an argument, probably also due to the effect of smoking that would make a punishment easier. Although not very aesthetic to present some kids that promote a brand of cigarettes, the message was sent for print and it is very funny.

Certainly there are a lot of vintage commercials through which cigarettes were promoted, since they have many qualities and curative effects and make us feel more important, romantic, more fulfilled, more free (and this list can go on forever), but we thought these were the most interesting.

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