Ways to Have Bigger Breasts

Many women are often dissatisfied with some aspect of their body, whether it is the waist, legs, hips etc. Among these, the discontent of having small breasts causes many women to resort to all sorts of ways to enlarge their size. Here are ten options for having bigger breasts.

1. Oils

It is already known that massage has positive effects on body tissues, oxygenating them and giving them the resources necessary for regeneration and function by increasing blood supply Regarding breast growth, it was found that their massage increases growth, especially if it is made with oils that help breast grow, such as wheat germ oil or dill oil.

2. Massage

It is recommended to massage your breasts three times a day with one of those oils for ten minutes, three consecutive weeks, then pause and resume a weekly massage. It is considered that the results begin to appear after two months, and in the early weeks, you may feel pain in the breasts, pain denoting the start of the growth processes. If the pain is bad, you should take a break and remember that side effects of breast growth are specific to each organism.

3. Plants with hormones

Found in most drugstores, certain plant products that contain hormones, called phytoestrogens, can help with having bigger breasts. These are the licorice root, basil flowers, fenugreek seeds, anise seeds, dill seeds. All these herbs contain phytoestrogens that influence female genitals and may cause breast growth. Note, however, that consumption of hormone plants is equivalent to hormone treatment, with almost the same risks, although they are vegetable derived hormones.

4. Supplements

There are some natural supplements for breast growth. It is important to know that some plants supplements contain are rich in phytoestrogens, substances that resemble female sex hormones, estrogens. So their effects more closely resemble that of a hormonal treatment, even if they are natural. In conclusion, natural breast enhancement supplements can be as dangerous as hormonal treatments. Therefore, before beginning such treatment, you need to consult your family doctor and gynecologist.

5. Tincture of dill and fenugreek infusion

Dill tincture can be used alone or in combination with infusion of fenugreek (a teaspoon of tincture in a cup of infusion, the infusion being made as directed on package).

Dill tincture is the most popular, being administered orally 3 times / day, 15-20 minutes before meals. Take one teaspoon diluted in 100 ml water of tincture. The treatment takes 3 weeks, then you have to take a week break, and then repeat. In about two months, you can observed results. In case of adverse reactions, discontinue treatment immediately and seek the advice of a doctor.

6. Nutrition

Food is very important for the beauty of breasts. Although less healthy foods, like fast foods, cakes etc. would seem to have an effect in the augmentation of breasts, actually they predispose them to weight gain, such as the mammary gland fills with fat deposits, increasing its volume. But firmness is compromised in this case.

Certain foods, such as those that contain phytoestrogens, produce breast growth without affecting their firmness, acting in the glandular tissue, but not by increasing fat deposits. These foods are those that contain antioxidants: fish, roasted nuts and peanuts, fruits and vegetables (vitamin C, the best known antioxidant), carrots, dill, whole grains.

7. Sport

To maintain breast firmness and prevent their sagging, physical exercise is essential. There are a range of exercises for maintaining beautiful breasts. Remember that any exercise that involves the shoulders and arms, have a positive effect on breasts.

8. Using hypnosis

Breast augmentation techniques through hypnosis are routinely practiced around the world, being used by hundreds of women. That’s because new hypnotic techniques can cause breast enlargement of up to 3 measure and there is a high probability that the results will be long lasting or permanent. Through hypnosis, your mind becomes aware of your body and sends it the right signals. But hypnosis is very delicate and should be performed only certified therapists, highly trained with a very high morality and a high capacity for self-control.

9. Get pregnant

It is known that in pregnant women occurs an increase in breast size, size which is kept after the period of pregnancy and after lactation, but it is necessary to combine massage and exercises for them to preserve their shape after the woman is done breastfeeding.

10. Little invasive surgery

Fat transfer is through liposuction is a viable alternative to traditional breast implants. The first condition is to have a donor area with excess fat anywhere on the body. This means that the intervention has two stages, the first being the fat removal from the donor site and the second, injecting the breasts. Fat is extracted from the abdomen or thighs via a liposuction procedure (laser). In a session, you cannot inject more than 200 ml of fat, so those who want bigger breasts should undergo more interventions. The result last for about two years.