yoga ways to reduce snoring

Probably everyone has experienced snoring at least once in their lifetime, either personally or from a family member or friend. Snoring is a very common sleep disorder. 50% of the adults experience this and it can be very disturbing for both the one who snores and the person who sleeps with him or her. The more serious concern is that snoring can increase the risks of heart disease. There are many ways to treat snoring but we want to stay on the healthy side and present you with the best natural remedies for snoring. Here are 10 ways to reduce snoring.

10. Keep The Air Moist

moist air ways to reduce snoring

Dry air is one of the causes for snoring. It can irritate the membranes of the nose and throat. In order to avoid this you need to keep the air where you sleep under moist condition. This will help breathe smoothly and thus minimizing the snoring.

9. Keep Your Weight Under Control

weight loss ways to reduce snoring

Overweight can increase the chances of snoring and heart diseases. One must keep a normal body weight and reduce the weight in case of obesity. This will also reduce the risks of many health conditions not only snoring.

8. No Smoking And No Drinking Alcohol

no smoking ways to reduce snoring

Smoking and drinking alcohol can cause more snoring. As we know alcohol should not be consumed excessively and smoking should be kept under control, no more than 5-6 cigarettes daily (that is if one cannot quit smoking completely). Reducing and avoiding these two will not only reduce snoring but it will keep you from developing all sorts of serious health conditions, many of them deadly.

7. Don’t Eat Dairy Products Before Going To Sleep

no dairy ways to reduce snoring

If you are snoring try not to eat dairy products two hours before going to bed. Consuming dairy products close to sleeping hours can increase the mucus in the throat and cause snoring.

6. Allergies Cause Snoring

allergies ways to reduce snoring

You need to know about allergies if you have any and avoid anything that may cause this. There are many things that can cause allergies, including pets, especially if you play with them on the bed you’re sleeping. Animals can leave allergens on the bed and pillows where you sleep. Other things that can cause allergies that can be found in the room that you sleep are flowers, perfumes or pollen from the street. All these can increase the risks of snoring so try to avoid them. If you snore make a doctor appointment for an allergy test.

5. Singing Can Help Against Snoring

singing ways to reduce snoring

On our list of ways to reduce snoring the next remedy might be a little surprising but it’s efficient. Singing actually helps opening the vocal cords and the throat muscles. So by singing you can exercise the throat muscles and reduce snoring. Singing opens up the throat muscles and this helps the air circulation. Try singing before going to bed, in the shower or maybe when watching TV.

4. Nasal Strips Help

nasal strips ways to reduce snoring

One of the best ways to reduce snoring is to use nasal strips. This can be used temporarily to regulate snoring by lifting the nose and letting in more air flow. After you use the nasal strips for a few day you can stop it in a phasing manner.

3. Yoga Helps

yoga ways to reduce snoring

If you snore you need to do some breathing exercises and doing some yoga can help reduce snoring. By doing this you relax the throat muscles and the air flow and passage become easier. If you breathe easier it means that you’ll reduce the snoring or even eliminate it for good. Try doing some yoga exercises at least once a day for half an hour. You will soon feel the results.

2. Use The Right Pillow

pillow ways to reduce snoring

Another one of the best ways to reduce snoring is to change your pillow. Using the right kind of pillow can reduce snoring. It’s actually the height of the pillow that matters. Try to use higher pillows in order to ease the passage of the air through the nostrils. This can help reduce snoring. Make sure the pillow sheets are always clean because there are many allergens that live on it and this is a cause of snoring.

1. Drink Plenty of Liquids

drink liquids ways to reduce snoring

You must always stay hydrated so drink a lot of fluids, whether it’s water, tea or soup. Dehydration can lead to snoring because it causes secretions in the nose and throat and these secretions lead to snoring.

This was our list of 10 ways to reduce snoring. Have you experienced snoring? What did you do to stop it? Please share with us in the comment section below.