Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Removing unwanted body and facial hair is one of those tasks women usually hate. The fact that you have to constantly do this thing which is sometimes painful is certainly not the best ways to spend your weekends. Here are some of the most efficient ways to remove unwanted hair. Which method do you prefer?

1. Depilatory creams

If you are in a hurry and want to get rid of unwanted body hair, depilatory creams are the best solution. Easy to apply, they remove the hair from the skin. Before using a depilatory cream, test it on a small area to see the reaction of your skin. If you get a rash after application, wash the area with antibacterial soap and if irritation persists see a doctor.

Advantages: In 10-15 minutes you can get rid of unwanted hair on your body, it is an expensive product and in addition you can take with you anywhere and apply it anytime.

Disadvantages: hair grows faster, spiky and often after repeated application, you run the risk of skin irritation. These products contain chemicals.

2. Razor blade

Body hair removal using a razor blade is the easiest and cheapest method. It is particularly effective in the legs and armpits.

Advantages: it lasts 10 minutes and is effective in extreme cases or for people with very little hair.

Disadvantages: it causes irritation and bumps on the skin in sensitive people, hair grows very quickly, much more black and spiky.

3 The epilator

The new generation of depilatory devices on the market are really good. With pain attenuators, different speeds and special designs for intimate areas, some can even be used under water.

Advantages: easy to use anywhere and anytime, does not cause unbearable pain, hair grows after two to three weeks and tends to grow less.

Disadvantages: sometimes it breaks the hairs, it cannot be used or very short hair, but also not on long hair because it hurts a lot; it can cause skin irritation in sensitive areas, sometimes the hairs grow under the skin.

4. Sugar

It is an ancient method of depilation which is based on a mixture of sugar, water and lemon. Hair removal with sugar is similar to waxing, but the sugar is used at a low temperature. Because it has a tendency to stick to the hair and not the skin, it creates less discomfort than wax.

Advantages: it can be used at home, does not cause irritation.

Disadvantages: It is quite difficult to use, you must have patience, it is quite expensive and in addition it lasts longer.

5. Hot waxing

Hot waxing is the most effective method of hair removal and is the one that helps most with thinning hair.

Advantages: hair growth is slowed, it removes dead skin cells and allows the pores to breathe.

Disadvantages: you have to wait for the hair to grow, it can be expensive if you do it in a beauty parlor and it is quite painful.

6. Depilatory strips

This method is preferred by many women because it is easy and plucks the hair from the root.

Advantages: no need to endure hot wax on the skin, does not irritate you skin; helps with thinning hair, hair takes more time to grow, it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Disadvantages: it can break hairs, you have to wait for hair to grow to apply them.

7. Permanent hair removal for home

Although they are expensive, IPL devices (intense pulsed light) are designed for use at home, and they are an ideal method of getting rid of unwanted hair.

How does it works? The hair absorbs the light emitted by the device and converts it into heat, thus destroying the hair from the root. The device works on hair roots without affecting the surrounding area. Because the root is destroyed, it will not form a new thread.

Advantages: really destroys the unwanted hair.

Disadvantages: it is expensive.

8. SPL hair removal

Permanent hair removal with SPL (Square Pulse Light) is the latest innovation in hair removal. The principle is similar to the IPL technique, but acts on a larger area and deeper, destroying hair efficiently and quickly. This method can be performed only in beauty salons.

Disadvantages: it is expensive and requires many sessions.

9. Depilatory foam

It acts like depilatory cream, but its formula is gentle to the skin and prevents irritation and the smell is pleasant. Apply and after a few minutes, remove with a sponge in the shower. The skin remains smooth and silky.

Advantages: fast, no pain, can be used in the shower

Disadvantages: hairs grows quickly.

10. Threading

Hair removal through threading is a particularly popular procedure among women in the Middle East, but is applied increasingly more in many other parts of the world. It is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and originated in Turkey. Threading is typical for facial hair, but the method can be used, although less frequently, on larger areas such as legs or arms.

It is less painful than waxing, though the hairs are ripped directly from the follicles. The hair will grow thinner after about four weeks, and the skin will not suffer rashes. This is an inexpensive procedure that you can to learn yourself.