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We all know the movie stars, the directors, the producers and even the CGI guys, but how many know the guy behind the story of the movie? Without a story there is no movie and without a movie there are no movie stars. Screenwriters are often in the shade and not many people pay too much attention to them. How many of us can name the screenwriter of their favorite movies? If the movie is not written and directed by the same person (Quention Tarantino for example), the screenwriter passes by unnoticeable. We want to change all that so that’s why we came up with a list of ways to write a screenplay so that who ever’s reading this can make a change once they become famous screenwriters.

11. Read a lot


In order to be able to write, you need to read. Reading opens up your imagination and broadens the mind. You learn a lot from books and it’s easier to find your words and come up with really unpredictable new stories for blockbuster movies.

10. Read a lot (of screenplays)


Start by reading the screenplays of your favorite movies. That way you’ll get familiar with how the process of scriptwriting goes. It might sound easy but a screenplay is not written in the same ways as you write books. There are certain similarities but it’s a different story.

9. Watch movies

watching movies

Watch a lot of movies, actually. This trains your cinematic eye and it teaches you how scenes follow, how the plot is delivered, how the climax comes and how the characters are portrayed. Fortunately there are so many movies out there. From indie to European movies to blockbusters to underground cult classics. Watch as many movies as possible. We can assure you that this will come in very handy.

8. Read books on screenplays

syd field

Yes, there are a lot of books about ways to write a screenplay. And they are extremely useful. They teach you the basics of screenwriting and they are full of tips and tricks on how to write one. The rules you need to follow and the rules you need to break. Some famous books on screenwriting that we love are Syd Field’s Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting and Robert McKee’s Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting . But there are thousands of books on how to write a screenplay out there. Read as many as you can.

7. Find a story

thinking of a story

A great story can lead to a great screenplay which leads to a fantastic movie. Find that story. It can be either invented or based on a real story. It has to be believable and humane. It has to evoke deep feelings in the reader or the watcher. Write what you know. Don’t try to be something you’re not. It will show and you’ll get stuck. Don’t try to follow trends and avoid writing about something that has already been said.

6. Start writing

writing a script

Once you’ve found a storyline, start writing. Write every day. It doesn’t matter that it won’t always goes as smoothly as you’d want (cause it won’t). You can set up a schedule for yourself, let’s say you write every day from 10 am until 13 pm. Or if you’re a night owl you can write at night.

5. Screenplay software

final draft software

Sure, you can write on your laptop in Word or on your mother’s old typewriter. But to give it the official look you need to get a screenplay software. The most popular one is Final Draft. You can purchase it and download it on your computer just like with any other programs. You can then search on Google and find instructions on how to use it. It’s actually a very user friendly software.

4. Ways To Write a Screenplay – Scriptwriting classes

screenplay class

Usually these classes are held by screenwriters so you’ll get the necessary information right from the source. These are very fun and very creative. You get to have workshops and analyze scripts.

3. Revise your script


After you finished the screenplay, or you think you have, revise it. Re-read it again and again and you’ll find that some scenes don’t work well with the next ones or that the twist is not really convincing. Revising the script is a great exercise and you can find new ideas to replace the old ones.

2. Ask for opinions

ask opinion

Don’t be shy of showing your script to others. A friend or someone that you know is a film lover can help you with an outside opinion. Send it to your scriptwriting teacher. He will advise you on what you need to change or improve.

1. Send it to contests

screenplay contest

There are a lot of places where you can send the final draft of your screenplay. There are screenplay contests, movie festivals, etc. Usually the winning screenplays are turned into movies on their own budget. And that’s exactly what you want to happen.

This was our list of 10 ways to write a screenplay. Have any of you written one? Tells how it went.