Celebrities have a habit of doing things just to shock people and Hollywood body jewelry is a vast field that will offer you inspiration if you ever want to get a body part pierced. If you already have a piercing or you’re just curious about it, take a look below at the most pierced body parts in Hollywood.

1.      Ears


The ears have to be the most pierced body part. It’s a tradition for the girls to have their ears pierced even as early as birth. Some say that is cruel, while others think it’s the best time to get your ears pierced. But having your ears pierced isn’t just something for the ladies, Harrison Ford got his left ear pierced late in his life, and most rappers like to wear their bling on their fingers and in their ears. One of the most stunning visuals in Hollywood, was Angelina Jolie wearing those gorgeous emerald earrings at the 2009 Oscars.

2.      Navel


Hollywood body jewelry at its best – many young celebs sport a pierced navel. A toned stomach looks great with a little jewelry. Paris Hilton, Bar Rafaeli, Janet Jackson, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Keira Knightley are some of the celebrities who have decided to have their belly button pierced and look great with it!

3.      Tongue

A pierced tongue is a bit more controversial and edgy, but celebs don’t hold back from that. While it may hurt to have your tongue pierced, and it could pose a problem when articulating your R’s and S’s, we have to admit it looks awesome. Here are a few artists that have their tongues pierced: Drew Barrymore, Mel B, Niki Reed and even 11 year old Willow Smith (though hers turned out to be a fake)

4.      Lips


Lips are a more common piercing spot and there are various ways of getting your lips pierced. You can have a stud on your upper lip, closer to the cheek, just like Mutya Buena or the late Amy Winehouse, or just a simple round piercing like, Christina Aguilera, Amber Rose and Mya .

5.      Nipples

Ouch! That had to hurt for Rihanna. Remember the Super Bowl incident when Justin Timberlake accidentally tore Janet Jackson’s top and she was left with a bare breast in front of millions. If you do, then you remember she had a very elaborate star-like piercing in her right nipple. Rooney Mara also went this route when she decided to take up the role of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon  Tattoo.

6.      Nose


Another classic, a nose pierce can look cute on almost anyone. A bit trickier when you have a cold, I’ve heard. Singer Kelis and Joss Stone, Mary J. Blige and the eccentric Pink have their nostrils pierced. Men do it too – rock star Lenny Kravitz looks great with his jewelry.

7.      Eyebrows


Hollywood body jewelry can be seen on eyebrows also – it may seem like a weird choice, but celebrities aren’t holding back from anything. Evanescence singer, Amy Lee has a piercing in her left eyebrow, Counting Crows lead singer has one and even the sexy Fergie steps up to the plate.

8.      How About Finger Rings?


Hollywood body jewelry doesn’t have to only refer to piercings – rich celebrities are known to have a soft spot for diamonds and fancy jewelry. Everybody wears rings, whether is just your wedding band or a simple and modest ring on your index finger, there are plenty to choose from. Twilight character, Bella Swan, has worn one ring throughout the movies constantly – it is a moonstone silver ring which she wears on her index finger.

9.      Ankles Are a Good Spot, too.


In the summertime you get to expose your legs and some body jewelry is perfect to highlight them. Wearing anklets will make your ankles look smaller and they are a great way of expressing your creativity: you can make your own anklets by adding different charms to it.

10.  A simple pendant.


If you’re just not that into jewelry and Hollywood celebrities don’t really do it for you, you can just wear a simple chain with a pendant. Choose one that represents you the best or something that remind you of a place or person dear to you. Make it a fashion statement or just wear it underneath your shirt, close to your heart.