Wonderful Restaurants and Cafes in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a dream holiday destination for the whole family. Opened in 1992, this extraordinary place encompasses almost 40 square miles where fun, excitement, adrenaline and many Disney characters combine for an unforgettable experience for all visitors. When the Disney executives agreed with starting the construction of the Euro Disneyland project in the mid- 80s, the engineers knew they would have to build a special magical realm and totally different from existing ones.

Disneyland Paris is a wonderful world that is worth exploring in the smallest details, tourists preferring to make an entire vacation in the wonderful world of Disney. In France, they do not need to worry about earthquakes as is the case of Disneyland in California or hurricanes like it happens in Disneyland in Florida, but has do to take into account the cold winter and rainy weather in the region where Disneyland Paris was to be built.

Besides capricious weather, another challenge is that they were going to build a park with a castle in Europe, the continent full of old-centuries castles and fairy tales. These and many other issues were all resolved in a tasteful and intelligent way in France by the team that created what is today the most beautiful magical kingdom of Disney.

An important difference between Disneyland Paris and other Disney theme parks is shown to tourists even before they buy their tickets: Hotel Disneyland is the first Disney hotel located at the entrance of the park with a great view over the amusement park for tourists who accommodated there. Ticket stands for Disneyland Paris are located under the hotel. Under the Disneyland Hotel, behind the gates of the park entrance, begins the journey into the magical world of Disneyland Paris.

Besides the five themed areas, each with its peculiarities, Disneyland Paris has many wonderful restaurants and cafes you should not miss.

1. Walt’s: An American Restaurant

An excellent meal at this restaurant is a real pleasure, visitors being surrounded by a unique atmosphere. The food served here is of the highest quality.

2. Plaza Gardens Restaurant

This restaurant in Central Plaza with its Victorian décor offers varied food that can please any tourist. The Victorian style restaurant also features a terrace decorated with drops of water that cannot, however, be used to dine, but to serve drinks.

3. Casey’s Corner

What happens when two American icons meet? Tourists can find this at Casey’s Corner where you can enjoy hot dogs in a baseball – themed atmosphere. At Casey’s, the big institution of American baseball meets the American hot dog. Customers can also serve the house specialty, a hot dog over 30 centimeters long.

4. Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant

Victoria provides a varied and tasty menu in a relaxed atmosphere full of charm. There are accommodation options at Victoria’s as well. A small guest house is piled above the restaurant overlooking Main Street USA. The cafeteria offers a small range of snacks, including cakes, pies and drinks.

5. Market House Deli

This is a small grocery in the old style with all sorts of delicacies on the shelves that offers sandwiches and other snacks. This American-style grocery decorated with sausages hanging from the ceiling and shelves full of food and jars should definitely not be missed.

6. Cookie Kitchen

For all lovers of sweets, Cookie Cake offers cakes, muffins and many other sweets. Cookie Kitchen is a small bar that opens on Cable Car Bake Shop on Main Street.

7. Cable Car Bake Shop

In this little bakery, tourists can enjoy a wide range of cakes and pastries and soft drinks in an atmosphere inspired by the famous theme of suburban San Francisco. Tables are in a few cars decorated with pictures of trams on the streets of San Francisco.

8. Coffee Grinder

For something to chew on and a coffee, Coffee Grinder is the perfect place. The café not only offers the beans black drinks, but also croissants, muffins, apple pies and other goodies. Coffee is served at the window both in Main Street and in the Discovery Arcade.

9. Ice Cream Company

This is where tourists can enjoy ice cream just like the typical American 1890s atmosphere on Main Street USA. Ice Cream Company is a small stall with various ice cream flavors. The Ice Cream Company serves both on Market Street and in Discovery Arcade.

10. Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

This is another place where tourists can enjoy an ice cream just like in the days of grandpa’s childhood. Gibson Girl, one of the best places for ice cream in Disneyland Paris, offers a wide range of ice cream.