Many people harbor a certain phobia when it comes to a separation, in most cases it is usually a whole process and, trust me, I understand. Beyond the unhappiness generated by any breakup, that part where you have to state excuses and give explanations is the most difficult since we all need closure.

The psychological reason is the fact that we humans get much easier over a failure if we can justify it, if we can understand what just happened. Even if, in general, nobody should be placed against the wall, partners behave like a guilty party should be found, a concrete reason given, no matter which side they are on: the ones who leave or the ones who are left. You don’t see many who argue “that’s the way I felt” after closing the door and continuing their lives.

It’s interesting that behind every separation there is an apology, which, contrary to the wishes, doesn’t find its determination in a real and coherent space since the human soul is quite complex. So, you don’t just breakup because you don’t like your partner’s underwear for example.

So when things which are too complex need to be summarized in concise explanations or simply because our partners are not very inspired, all kinds of bad excuses are born which in some cases even make a bad situation go worse. So, let’s have a look at some of the worst breakup excuses ever. If you know other, feel free to complete the list with a comment below.

1. “You deserve better”

The old “you’re too good for me, I love you, but you can do better”. Shouldn’t the other person decide if they deserve better on no?

2. The “I want to break up” message sent on Facebook or via text message

This is like telling a person “I don’t ever want to see you again, not even to tell you it’s over”. You must have done something pretty bad to deserve this or simply your partner is very inconsiderate.

3. “You look great, but that’s it”

This usually goes for people who started a relationship based on looks and later realized there was nothing else beneath the surface.

4. ”You are too good, too beautiful, too smart for me”

This is when you are trying to distract the other person with compliments, hoping that he or she won’t be too affected because of what is going on.

Many people harbor a certain phobia when it comes to a separation, in most cases it is usually a whole process and, trust me, I understand.

5. “This distance between us is killing me, so we better breakup”

This one is used for long distance relationships, but the great thing about it is that you’re leaving a little window opened. “It’s not like I don’t love you, because I do. But I cannot stand not seeing you. If we’re ever in the same city, we should meet”.

6. “I love you, but I’m not in love with you”

How does that work? As far as I remembered, first you fall in love, then you love a person. So this seems like an accurate statement, not a reason to breakup.

7. “I cannot be with someone who doesn’t have a driver’s license”

Believe it or not, I heard many of my friends use this kind of excuse. It makes no sense whatsoever. Just let’s say that this person doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t have the ambition to get a driver’s license.

8. “I need to focus on my studies”

Yes, because you study night and day and on every weekend. If that were the question, something like “We need to slow down a little, because I need to focus on a really hard exam” would be more suitable, but I forgot we were talking about worst excuses.

9. “We cannot see each other, I’m getting married”

Wait, when did this happen?

10. His birthday: “Happy birthday, may you be happy and loved. I cannot stay in a relationship with you”

I get it: he cannot make a scene because he’s with all of his friends.

Awkward, embarrassing moments that generate additional suffering are created even if you say the right things. But if you say the worst of things in the worst of moments such as holidays, Valentine’s Day, in situations of life and death (a serious illness, for example), all hell can break loose.