Ever gotten so bored with a specific subject that you felt you could put your head through a window/PC screen if you ever heard someone make mention of it for the umpteenth time? We sure have – and that’s why we’re bringing you the definitive list of 2012 trends that shouldn’t make it to 2013, or else!

1. Taylor Swift’s Love Life


Granted, pop songstress Taylor Swift is young, blonde, and attractive, and also has a knack for writing hit songs, which are more popular than we’re willing to acknowledge. We also admit that Taylor Swift has been having quite the tumultuous love life this year, as she has reportedly dated thirteen young, rich, famous, and highly eligible bachelors. This, however, just goes to show that the media and the public should collectively get over it and resume minding their own business.

2. Miley Cyrus’s New Look and Attitude


‘Oh, my God! She’s only nineteen – how can she appear in public wearing a…’ (insert name of revealing and potentially scandalous scanty article of clothing here). The truth is Miley is a teenager now, far removed from her days of Disney induced-innocence. She is a woman in her own rights, who does choose to decide how she presents herself in public, in terms of clothing, hair length, and so on. You don’t need to like her – you simply need to stop being judgmental.

3. Angelina Jolie versus Jennifer Aniston


In times long ago, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were an item. Then, the Bradster decided to ditch sweet, innocent-faced Aniston, and move on to raunchy, rambunctious, dark Angelina Jolie. At some point, whether or not the two female stars hated each other was a topic for debate. Did Brad ever cheat on Jen with Angie? We’ll never know. Which is precisely why we should stop caring altogether.

4. The Mayans’ ‘End of the World’


Luckily, the famed ‘end of the world’, which some genuinely believe will take place on December 21, 2012, is only a few days away. And hopefully, once that date has come and gone, we can all move on peacefully with our lives. Unfortunately, chances are some ‘creative types’ are probably going to invent some sort of pretense of an argument right after that, saying that the interpretations of the Mayan calendar was all wrong to begin with. The end of the world is actually June 16, 2015. Right? Right…?! Wrong.

5. Lana del Rey


Lana del Rey is also a clear case of an Internet-cum-music phenomenon blown way out of proportion. Yet again, here’s another attractive female with a strong following, whose career and personal choices are being closely scrutinized by public and media alike. One of the biggest contentions against her is that she’s an ‘indie poser’ or wannabe. Do we really care? Like her, loath her, but stop talking about her on Internet forums as if she were actually relevant.

6. The TV Show ‘Girls’


All right, all right, we get it. ‘Girls’ is the new big thing for hipster girls (and not only; far be it from us to get all judgmental without a cause). However, at the present moment, it’s also one of the most overhyped media products to have ever hit our PC and TV screens. Not a bad show either – simply the textbook definition of over-promotion.

7. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is a show that’s been known to cause its fair share of Facebook debates, Twitter threads, etc.. It’s been purposely causing controversy ever since it first went on air seasons ago. Names such as Jenna, Traci, Snooki, J-Woww, and The Situation have been keeping viewers hooked to their crazy shenanigans for just as long. It’s like the TV version of a tabloid: tacky, but you simply can’t look away! Well, perhaps the time has come to lay this bad taste fiesta to rest.

8. The Twilight Franchise


Yet another ‘hot thing’ that stopped being worthy enough of a controversy several years ago. All the more so for 2013: all the books have been written and adapted for the big screen. The movies have all been launched. Kristen Bell and Robert Pattinson dated, got exposed in all the tabloids, broke up, and moved on. So has book author Stephanie Meyer, who now has a new movie deal for the adaptation of her latest book. So, like them or loathe them, the Twilight movies and books are no longer interesting enough to discuss. Next!

9. Facebook ToS and Privacy Policy


Let’s face it: Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. He’s out to get you hooked on his free product and then unwittingly slap you over the face with a new privacy policy update, which essentially states you’ve sold your soul to the devil. Or something along those lines. Irony aside, Facebook (Instagram, Twitter, and just about any other social network, too, for that matter) is going to keep updating their policies and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Except, of course, delete your account—if you can…

10. President Obama’s Ethnic Origins

Okay, so, Barack Obama, President Elect of the United States of America, is black. Also, his middle name is Hussein. Everybody knows this by now, as we all know that his father is Kenyan. Whether or not he’s a Muslim or a Christian, as well as all other issues connected with his ethnicity and personal views (keyword here – personal) make no difference. Caring about them is only going to make you look like a racist twit. Get over it.