Digital art is becoming more and more popular, as the first digital artists grow to become fully mature, from the point of view of their illustrations and other works. The digital art is characterized by its richness in details as well as by the vivid images that sometimes defy the limits of reality and cross its borders.

What we have then is surrealistic art, another modern trend which is perfectly suited for the contemporary viewers who have seen it all and want a fresh “something” when looking at illustrations.

Here are some examples, in which details emerge from every little corner of the image, in which the colors satisfy the thirst of the eyes for beauty and in which a children’s game has deep meanings for the grown up viewer. I hope enjoy this series of amazing illustrations, the most probable form of art of the future, a future which has started already!

1. It-will-come-off-with-soap

4. Heart-of-the-Forest

5. Andreas-Rocha-Atlantise

6. 861_realsize

7. rita

8. robot_love1

10. chan1-tmb

9. fairyqueen