Thank God so much of our time spent online is incognito. Imagine if through a comment posted, people could see the most important details of your life, your family, photos and favorite books. Wait, that’s Facebook isn’t it? We’ve all had an embarrassing Facebook moment when we’ve posted something that shouldn’t have been posted, or when we updated our status with an embarrassing quote from an even more embarrassing band, or when we picked what we thought some awesome Facebook profile pictures when in fact, they weren’t all that awesome. Today’s we’ll bring you the best of the best! 10 awesome Facebook fails that will make you feel smart, pretty and blessed for not screwing up royally, like these people did.

10. Badass Grandpa


What started as an innocent and awesomely lame photo, turned out in one of the most awkward moment in the history of Facebook. This man’s response to his granddaughter is shocking and hilarious. Could it really be that old age makes you that grumpy and that bad at receiving criticism? Because old age apparently makes you awful at Photoshop.

9. Lovely Mother-Son Moment


This short exchange of lines may not seem like much, but the mother and son seem to have quite a powerful connection and that’s pretty awesome. I can see why Nathan didn’t have a clue about who the person was, she doesn’t have the same name as Kevin.

8. Goatee Guy


This guy has his priorities in order, that’s for sure. He’s being attacked by the woman he dumped for someone else. The two women start arguing on his comment section and he doesn’t do anything. I think he enjoys being in the center of attention, but when things start spiraling out of control, he intervenes to calm the spirits and set the record straight. Yes, your goatee is stupid, man!

7. A Poo in the Park


How many of us haven’t almost been in this situation? You’re enjoying yourself, having a good time, relaxing and you’re snapping pictures to upload on Facebook, of course. We are so busy focusing on how we look in the picture, that sometimes we don’t see the humping dogs in the background, or the piece of poo resting by our head. Poor thing!

6. Back on the Market


I think that this enthusiastic guy isn’t an asshole at all. He’s just trying to pick her up in a very straight forward manner. It’s not his fault that there is tragedy to the story. Note to the girl: you can choose not to have your relationship status displayed on your About Me page. You simply don’t do what she did and not expect a reply from at least one person who will congratulate you.

5. Dog: it’s What’s for Dinner


It’s hard to comment on this photo and not end up offending the person who’s in it. Let’s just say that the circumstances make this photo hilarious. We can only imagine what this dog has to go through on a daily basis.

4. Gay!


One of the most awesome Facebook fails, this one almost takes the cake. I mean, who goes out of their way and posts a hateful message on a Facebook page for gay dudes, just for the sake of it?! What type of response did she expect: Oh, thank you for showing the error in our ways, we have seen the light?! I’m curious whether anyone said anything about her boobs.

3. Evil Mother


This mother deserves an award; one for the best and most evil mother on Earth. Her idea is and will always be brilliant. I would have given my left kidney to see the kid’s reaction when he brought his date home. Imagine the girl’s reaction to a room full of Justin Bieber posters. There must be some pictures of the outcome somewhere!

2. Illiteracy


This mistake only points to the fact that the person in cause is incredibly uninformed (we know, there’s another word for that). People who don’t know much are very certain of the little crap they like to think they know. I mean, if it was me, I would have done a quick Google search after receiving the comment, just to be sure of things, but oh well, who’s got time for literacy? PS: people who only use Caps Lock should be fined.

1. Sneaky Bastard


This sneaky bastard is a genius who screwed over his gullible friends royally. I mean this is the perfect way to find out who the idiots are in your friends list. It’s how you can weed out the bad ones! Who buys that stuff?!

What did you think of our awesome Facebook fails? Do you have more, share them with us, we’d love to hear from you!