Inventors all over the world are working day and night to make our lives easier, and to help revolutionize the outdated perceptions regarding the form and utility of everyday objects. Most inventions are one step away from being released. But it is not only everyday items that have evolved. Medicine, physics and telephone apps are constantly changing. Although some new inventions seem taken out of a SciFi movie, they are very real.

1. Around the world in 90 minutes

Although it is still in early-testing stages, researchers of the US Army have been developing a new air-vehicle named Lightcraft, driven by laser propulsion. The mechanism is quite elaborate,the aircraft uses laser energy that is focused at high intensities so that it creates plasma, which in turn expands and produces thrust. Another pro about this potential means-of-transport of the future is that it is potentially inexpensive to manufacture. But by the time these vehicles will be used by the masses, we will have to stick to airplanes and trains.

2. Tissue regeneration technology

Medical science has always pursued the field of cell and tissue regeneration since some vertebrates distinctly have the abilities to regrow not only wounded tissue but entire limbs. Some experiments in the stem-cell field encourage researchers to declare that such treatments will soon be available, seeing that the first artificial liver was grown in a laboratory in 2006.

3. Artificial brain

One of the biggest mysteries man has had to face is that of the human brain, which is considered to be more complex than the entire universe. The Blue Brain Project attempts therefore to create a synthetic brain, and by means of the IBM Blue Gene computer they have already managed to partially simulate a lab rats’ brain through biologically realistic neuron models, whose cells had already started to self-organize. They started out by reverse-engineering mammals’ brains to a molecular level.

4.  Coca-Cola powered phone

Daizi Zheng is the inventor of the mobile phone which works not with regular batteries  but with Coca-Cola. The idea of the phone was to create something as Eco as possible, which will remind people about the importance of protecting the environment, especially  because the battery of the phone is extremely harmful for human health.

5.  The Scanner Pen

If you are as lazy as I think you are then you will definitely find a good use for this pen. Forget about rewriting the things that you are interested in. The Iris Pen 6 has the ability to scan certain fonts and numbers, and transfer them to the computer. All you have to do is run the pen over the text.

6. Lightest metal on Earth
Scientists in California have developed one of the most promising materials of the future and to prove it they published a picture of the fore mentioned discovery on top of a dandelion flower. The new found metal is a phosphorus- nickel alloy that is 99.99% air with a density of 0.9 milligrams per cubic centimeter. The project coordinator, Tobias Schaedler declares that the wish of the team is to obtain a model that is comprised of a series of empty tubes that are 1000 times thinner than human hair and that the model in the picture they have published is only part of their project.

7. Instant Tube

Two hours to get from New-York to Beijing? This might just be possible in the future according to Evacuated Tube Transport Technology Network. They are projecting a series of subway networks where passengers board car-sized capsules for 5 people and are launched into a vacuum-tunnel that goes around the Earth. The group is now building a demo version near Los Angeles.

8. Monitor your Body

Monitoring your health is very important, and the new inventions in the field of medicine might change the world as we know it. Forget about the old thermometers and medical kits with stethoscopes present in most clinics and medical practices. A new invention which uses miniature probes implanted in the body will monitor our health from now on. Just imagine that the moment you enter a diagnostic center, hundreds of sensors will automatically analyze you.

9. Transform your Thoughts into Reality

One of the most interesting mysteries about the human subconscious are thoughts. Scientists are trying to invent new technology which can transform brain waves in computer instructions. With the help of continues efforts, researchers have managed to lower the costs for this technology, and it seems that the product will soon become available in commerce for those who need it.

 10. Finger Mouse

The presentation of new technology at the Las Vegas CES 2013 is incredible. One example is a unique mouse developed by Genius. It is so small that you can wear it on your finger, but it has all the functions of a regular one. The Ring Mouse 2 works with the help of a wireless system, and it can easily respond to commands. It is also quite cheap, only 50 dollars.

With every step that science takes, we are closer and closer to the images portrayed in science fiction and fantasy books. It seems as though, in the near present, everything will become easier for us, because scientists are working hard to invent some of the most unbelievable things.