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The end of the school year has just passed and we’re looking at the beginning of a new one, just around the corner (i.e., the long-awaited summer vacation). If you’re a parent, you know what this means: it’s more than likely that your beloved bundle of joy will want to purchase a present for at least one of their teachers. Or perhaps you are that very bundle of joy, who truly feels grateful toward a particular educator, and would like to thank them with a unique present. Whatever your situation, we’ve got ten awesome teacher gifts just for you, featured on BornGifted.co.uk and below, for your convenience.

1. The Classic Card

Some may think there is nothing more banal than a card, but you have no idea how much most teachers appreciate them—as a matter of fact, most teachers with long spanning careers actually collect them and fondly use them as reminders of their generations past. If you have a few heartfelt words you’d like to pass on to your teacher, then a card is most definitely your best bet.

2. Coffee/Latte Mugs

Everybody knows most teachers are avid coffee drinkers, and now that signature, custom-made lattes are all the rage, why not let your teacher enjoy theirs from a mug they got from you. We advise you to find a themed one, like the one in the attached picture. Owls are always a good idea, since they’re the symbol of wisdom, as are books, or a simple “best teacher” inscription. It’s even cooler if you can get yours personalized, to read the name of your favorite teacher!

3. Say It with Chocolate

Chocolate is also a classical kind of gift, but if you know your teacher has a sweet tooth, or-even better!-if you can find out her favorite flavor, then don’t hesitate to spring for a cute chocolate bar, paired up with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. These might not be gifts that last forever, but their memory will last in your teacher’s heart for a lifetime…

4.       Teacher Diaries

You know your teacher is always busy scheduling the next extracurricular activity or trip for your class, or trying to figure out when to set the next Parents-Teachers Association Meeting. So why not help them out, with a practical (and cute!) teacher diary?

5. Notebooks/Notepads


Why do you think teachers never seem to run out of notebooks or notepads? Why is they’ve got a whole stash in their staff room lockers? Because some of their more thoughtful students gift them such things, as they know stationery is always a great gift idea for someone who spends most of their day making notes and putting down reminders. You can get a personalized notebook from just yourself, or from your entire class, with your names written on the covers.

6.       Ceramic Tiles/Magnets

Ceramic tiles and magnets are also great collectibles, especially if you can show that yours came from the heart, and that you took the time to find just the right one, that would express both your teacher’s personality, as well as your feelings and wishes for them. Get a personalized one, with your name or picture, or find one with an inspiring saying, that you just know will brighten up your teacher’s day!

7.       Toffee Jar

You know what makes some of the world’s most awesome teachers awesome? The fact that they repay their best students, or their students’ best efforts—with candy! Why not return the favor and buy your teacher her very own jar full of toffee candy, or whichever other flavor she enjoys? You can be positive she’ll share some of that sugary goodness with the class…

8.       Pen and Box Set

Personalized, engraved, set in sterling silver—or simply a pen with its box. No matter what you choose, you can be sure your teacher will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. After all, in a day and age of tablets, notebook computers and smartphones, how many other people do you know who still write in pen… except for teachers, of course. Personalization is a great idea, especially if you choose to engrave the year of your graduating class on the case.

9.       Teddy Bears

Yes, believe it or not, teachers are human too, and one of the most basic human needs is that for play. Chances are your teacher will be heart-warmed by receiving a soft, cute and cuddly teddy bear, especially if you take the time to personalize it. This is a particularly thoughtful gift for teachers who have infants or young children at home: think about, you’ll be gifting two people instead of just one!

10.       Message Boards

Message boards are great gifts because they end up benefiting the entire class, in addition to bringing joy to your teacher’s heart. The one featured in the image comes with a special, erasable whiteboard pen and can also be personalized—with your name, the name of your class or a wise, inspiring saying for your teacher to see each time she uses your present.