team building activities for work

Getting to know you colleagues and your bosses takes some time. If you’re new in a work environment the best way to get to befriend your work mates is to have a team building. Outside team buildings take too much to plan and they could be a drag. The alternative is to have team building activities for work. This way you’ll get acquainted to all the colleagues from all the departments at your work place. It’s a fun way to relieve stress and build a better connection as human beings.

10. Get to Know Your Colleagues Better Games

two truths one lie

One way to get to know your colleagues and one of the best team building activities for work is to play games. You can try playing the popular “Two truths and a lie” game that always works. This way you get to know some personal details about your boss and colleagues. You may find that you have a lot in common. The rules of the game are simple: every team member has to write down on a piece of paper two true things about themselves and a lie. You must not reveal to anyone what you wrote down, yet. Once all the people finished writing down you start talking to each other. You have to guess which are the true things and which are the lies. It’s fun and breaks the ice.

9. Lunch Discussions With Everyone

team building lunch

Another one of the best team buildings activities for work is lunch. That’s right. That thing we all do can help you get to know your colleagues better…and your boss. The lunch talks can be work related or just casual talking. Make sure you invite all the departments and everyone should interact with each other.

8. Take an Employee to Work Day

employee to work day

People at a work place are always curious about what the other department is doing. In order to satisfy their curiosity take the employees to visit other departments. This will help build a connection between different departments and enhance cooperation and understanding.

7. Group Mentoring

group mentor

Another one of the most efficient team buildings activities for work is group mentoring. You know how difficult it can be to be the new guy in an office. Everyone knows everyone, they have their own inside stories that you don’t really get and they look at you suspiciously. A great way to avoid all that is to arrange group mentoring. This way they will get familiar with the environment and the new work buddies.

6. Team Building Exercise Sessions

team building activities for work
team building exercise

This is a great way to establish new connections with the work colleagues. You can schedule all kind of exercising sessions like the weekly Yoga class or a marathon at the end of the work day. This way the employees will feel like they belong and stay healthy too. Make sure you include everyone but don’t exhaust them too much. J

5. Hobby Employee Clubs

team building activities for work
hobby group

A fun and creative way to keep you employees pleased is by arranging hobby clubs. This way they can talk about similar interests like photography, internet games or sports. You can arrange a day of the week to gather everyone and share their opinions on different hobbies.

4. Activities for Employees’ Families at the Work Place

team building activities for work

This is one of those team building activities at work that prove to be efficient. It will help the employees develop friendships outside of the work place, thus cementing the relationships at work. A friendly work environment is scientifically proved to be more efficient for the business itself.

3. Team Building Games

team building activities for work

The Cartoon Character game is a great way to relax the team building people while getting to know personal details about themselves. The rules of the game are very simple: each employee has to present themselves as a cartoon character and they have to explain why they feel they are relating to that specific character.

2. The Poker Tower

team building activities for work

The Poker Tower game is guaranteed as the most fun team building activities at work. All you need is a pack of cards and a pair of scissors. The employees should be divided into groups of 3-5 members. Each group has to build the tallest tower using only the cards and the scissors. This game will stimulate team work, team bonding and creativity.

1. The Mine Field Game

team builidng mine field

This is another one of those awesome team building activities at work and it has been done by many companies. This game will help improve the team members’ trust and their overall relationship. You need an open space like an empty room or a hallway. In this space you will put “mines” like paper balls, cones, bottles, etc. One team member will be blindfolded and has to be guided by the other team members so that he or she won’t step on the “bombs”.