8 royal jelly

Royal jelly is the liquid honey bees secrete to feed their larvae and the adult queen. Whenever they decide it is time for a new queen to take the spot of the old one, they choose a random larva and feed it royal jelly until it becomes a queen. The ingredient inside the royal jelly that allows this change to happen is called royalactin. It increases body size in the bees and also promotes ovary development.  But royal jelly contains so much more than royalactin. It contains all the essential amino acids us human beings require to thrive. It also contains healthy fats, water, vitamins (especially the B complex) and water. You probably remember the post we ran about the most expensive foods in the world. Now, it’s time we look at the 10 awesome uses for royal jelly.

10. Warning: Allergy Trigger

Before we start we would like to state that royal jelly is an allergen and can trigger some serious allergic reactions. So, if you know you’re allergic to bee venom, then we suggest you do not take royal jelly. You could try to do a skin patch test if you plan on using it on your skin. But, do not ingest it as it could cause anaphylactic shock. Also, if you suffer from asthma, do not use royal jelly.

9. It Protects the Kidneys9 royal jelly

In cases where the kidneys are affected by chemotherapy or cancer drugs, royal jelly should be used for the protection of the kidneys. A study performed on rats showed that the kidneys of rats given royal jelly while receiving chemotherapy were significantly healthier than the kidneys of the rats that only took the drug cisplatin. Sure, sometimes animal studies don’t always translate into the same results for humans, but the potential is there. If you’re not allergic to the royal jelly or bee venom, there is no harm in taking it.

8. Helps Promote Fertility10 Awesome Uses for Royal Jelly

When fed to larvae, royal jelly promotes uterus development. But did you know that this is valid for other insects? A study has been made where fruit flies were fed royal jelly and they grew bigger and had larger egg-laying apparatus. We know that it’s a long stretch from fruit flies and bees to humans and to say that this could also work for humans would go a bit too far. But, some studies have shown royal jelly to have estrogen-like effects, which is good news for the uterus!

7. Helps Fight Cancer Cells in the Breast and Cervix7 royal jelly

Because of the estrogen-like effects, it has been discovered that royal jelly can inhibit cancer cells in the breast and cervix. This means that royal jelly can be used both as a treatment and as a preventive measure against these types of cancer. Besides, unless you are allergic to the substance, there are no side effects, so there is no harm in taking it.

6. Skin Rashes, Scrapes and Bruises6 royal jelly

In a study from the 60’s, scientists discovered that royal jelly promotes skin healing. The next time you have a scrape or an open wound, get a bit of royal jelly on a sterile cotton bud and gently pat it all over the area. It will sting a bit, but not as much as alcohol would. Make sure the royal jelly is kept in the fridge at all times to prevent spoilage.

5. Immunity Booster5 royal jelly

This is one of the most common uses for royal jelly. It’s not just hot air and fancy words, as is the case with so many other miracle products. Royal jelly really does help boost your immunity. Try it. If it doesn’t work, then you can call us out on it!

4. Helps Balance Blood Sugar4 royal jelly

One of the best uses for royal jelly is to keep your blood sugar in check. Another recent animal study on royal jelly revealed that it can decrease insulin and triglyceride levels. Although royal jelly is quite expensive, it is much cheaper than all the drugs people with diabetes use. Let the bees help you keep your blood sugar in check!

3. It Helps Decrease Blood Pressure3 royal jelly

If you suffer from high blood pressure, then you should think about using royal jelly in your system. Studies have shown that royal jelly will lower systolic blood pressure. How great would it be to have your blood pressure in check at all times with the help of this substance?

2. Keeps the Skin Supple and Healthy2 royal jelly

Royal jelly is a cosmetic miracle product! All the great fats in it help keep the skin healthy, the amino acids, minerals and vitamins nourish the skin and it has also been revealed that it can help oily skin secrete less sebum. Apply pure royal jelly as a mask on clean skin, or use products that have royal jelly in them.

1. Cuts Blood Flow to Tumors2 royal jelly

Experts found that royal jelly inhibits the blood supply to tumors. A study performed in Japan and published in 2009 revealed that royal jelly had an amazing effect on blood vessel formation. Caffeic acid, an acid that is found in plants and also in royal jelly is the culprit behind this wonderful process.

Do you know of other uses for royal jelly? Care to share them with us in the comment section below? Have you ever used royal jelly? Drop us a line!