most expensive bagel

We all love food and we’re always trying to experiment with new things. Whether it’s exotic and weird fruits or healthy, diet dishes, food will always be one of our top priorities not only for staying alive and healthy but also to indulge our taste buds. We love it if the food comes at a good price but there are times when we feel like trying something exquisite that will leave a pretty big hole in our pockets. Many of us can’t afford to spend too much on food but if you’re ever going to do that we present you 10 of the most expensive foods in the world. Outrageously expensive.

10. Matsutake Mushrooms

matsutake mushroom most expensive foods

The rarity of these mushrooms raises their price at $1000 per pound. The matsutake or mattake mushrooms from Japan have been reduced by an insect that destroys the trees that these mushrooms live under. Since there is no farming method that actually works to grow the matsutake mushrooms, the risks are that they might go extinct. Mushroom omlette anyone? An expensive one.

9. Most Expensive Bagel

most expensive bagel

Although not particularly a healthy food, the bagel is always a satiable treat. And it’s cheap. Not this bagel. This one is topped with white truffle cream cheese, golden leaves and Riesling jelly made out of goji berries. How about that for a breakfast treat? This bagel will cost you $1000 because white truffles are the second most expensive food by weight, with caviar being number one.

8. Luxurious Frittata

zillion dollar frittata most expensive foods

Ironically called the ”zillion dollar frittata” will take out of your pockets $1000 per piece because it has a mixture of lobster, eggs and sevruga caviar which  costs $65 per ounce. This frittata earns its place on our list of most expensive foods in the world, more exactly most expensive breakfast foods.

7. Wagyu Steak

kobe beef most expensive foods

What makes this steak  cost $2800 a piece is that the meat comes from the famous Wagyu Japanese cattle that are supposedly fed beer and receive massages by hand to give the beef a tenderness that melts in your mouth. Other than the absurd price, the Wagyu steak also contains a lot of unhealthy fat. So if the price doesn’t stop you, your own health might.

6. Samundari Khazana

most expensive curry

This one is known as the most expensive curry in the world because it costs $3200. It was prepared for the release of the “Slumdog Millionaire” DVD in Bombay Brassiere. They gathered the most expensive ingredients they could find like white truffle, Devon crab, Beluga caviar and dressed it all with gold leaves. That’s what we call gastronomical opulence.

5. Pizza Royale 007

pizza royale 2007 most expensive foods

This $4200 pizza was made by Domenico Crolla and it’s one of the most expensive foods in the world. On a 12 inch pizza you get a cognac marinated lobster, champagne soaked caviar, Scottish smoked salmon, vintage balsamic vinegar, venison medallions, prosciutto and on top of all these exquisite foods you get 24 carat gold flakes that are edible. Beat that Pizza Hut!

4. Most Expensive Foods – Dansuke Watermelon

dansuke watermelon most expensive foods

We’ve heard of expensive fruits before but the Dansuke watermelon takes the crown. This Japanese fruit is a type of black watermelon that grows only on the island Hokkaido. Only 65 fruits per harvest make this watermelon very rare and expensive. They are usually given as gifts and one Dansuke watermelon costs $6,100. Apparently it’s similar in taste with the common watermelon, but with a slight different sweetness.

3. Yubari Melons

yubari melon most expensive foods

If you thought that the Dansuke was one expensive watermelon, the Yubari melon costs $22,872 per pair making them one of the most expensive foods in the world that we might never taste. This expensive melon was sold at an auction and was bought by a seafood restaurant.

2. Almas Caviar

almas caviar most expensive foods

If you’re ever in London and want to taste some of the most rare and expensive caviar in the world than you need to go to the Caviar House & Prunier. Make sure you have on you $25,000 because that’s how much this Iranian caviar will cost you. It comes in a 24 karat gold tin.

1. White Truffles

italian white truffle most expensive foods

Truffles are the most expensive foods in the world because they are very difficult to cultivate. This is what makes them a delicacy and the king of mushrooms. The most expensive truffle ever bought was $160,000 and was purchased by a real investor from Hong Kong. It weighed 1.5 kilograms. We just hope they made a good soup of this.


This was our list of most expensive foods in the world. Have you ever tasted any of these? Do let us know because we’re extremely curious.