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People have always wanted to be more attractive. However, it seems that in the past 100 years, Hollywood has turned being beautiful into a necessity. As a result, people are going to extreme measures to achieve a flawless face and body. Enter bad plastic surgery… Nowadays, a bit of nip and tuck is considered normal, but there are some who simply don’t know when to stop. Their quest for alleged “perfection” leads them to multiple surgical processes, nearly causing a disfigured appearance in the name of beauty. Here are 10 celebrities whose should have never gone under the knife.

10. Tori Spelling

tori spelling

Tori admitted to having breast augmentation very late in her life only because her operation was botched and she suffered chest depression. Yes, her chest caved, as this photo indicates. This is a reminder that all operations carry risks and it’s not worth endangering our health.

9. Rose McGowan

rose mcgowan

The reason behind Rose’s initial plastic surgery was a car accident that left her with a damaged face. She went ahead and fixed it and, for while she looked great. But then she decided she needed more work done, which was a big mistake. She now has the famous Hollywood pillow face!

8. Carrot Top

carrot top

Nobody knows anymore what Carrot Top used to do. Right now, the only thing he’s famous for is his awfully bad plastic surgery. He went from being a nice and handsome boy to caricature of himself. I mean, what surgeon gave him those eyebrows and thought to themselves yeah, that works! They should have their license suspended!

7. Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan

Lindsay has been having plastic surgery since, it seems, forever. Bad plastic surgery coupled with drugs and alcohol abuse equals Lindsay Lohan in the above picture. Just a kind reminder, she is only 27 and that picture was taken one year ago when she was 26. That’s not the face of a 26-year old woman and it shouldn’t be.

6. Daryl Hannah

daryl hannah

Daryl looks like a goddess in Summer Lovers where she was young and gorgeous. She looked amazingly hot in Kill Bill where she was mature and just as gorgeous. Then she went and did fillers.  Now her face is swollen and weird. I really wish the filler trend would just go away as soon as possible.

5. Lara Flynn Boyle

lara flynn boyle

When it comes to bad plastic surgery Lara is a definite winner. Just like Daryl, she’s been playing it fillers and lifts that have left her practically unrecognizable. It’s so sad that some people think that having a swollen face filled with chemicals is much more attractive and beautiful than a face with wrinkles.

4. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag was a sweet and insecure girl who started having a bit of plastic surgery to regain her confidence. Then one day she decided she would undergo 10 procedures in a day that would transform her from woman to Barbie doll. She later said that she regretted having surgery done. Too little, too late, sweetheart!

3. Jennifer Grey

jennifer grey

To be honest, Jennifer Grey doesn’t have bad plastic surgery. Her nose job is very good, but it ruined her career and she admitted to this. The rhinoplasty changed her appearance so much, that she became unrecognizable and nobody hired her anymore. She was supposed to be the next Hollywood star after the massive success of Dirty Dancing, but that never happened because of a plastic surgery.

2. Bruce Jenner

bruce jenner

Bruce Jenner was a nice guy who, at one point, decided to have a facelift; a bad facelift that turned him into a wax figure. The more peculiar thing about Bruce is that he keeps having plastic surgeries.  There are rumors that even go so far to say that he’s transitioning to become a woman. He’s had his Adam’s apple shaved, hair implants and more stuff done to his face. Only time will tell!

1. Donatella Versace

donatella versace

Donatella decided to take things to the next level and exaggerate every feature of her face. The sad thing is that she doesn’t seem to think that there’s anything wrong with all those botched procedures. How could people be so blind, we have no idea!

What are your thoughts on this bad plastic surgery? Do you know of any other cases of celebrities with bad plastic surgery? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you.