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It’s awesome to be organized and neat! You find things a lot easier. It seems that your mind becomes a bit more relaxed when everything is in its place. Or, maybe that’s just my OCD talking! Having an organized closet is a rare bird these days. All my friends seem to use their closet as a place to throw their clothes, shoes and other things that they haven’t used in years. In an earlier article, we gave you a few tips on how to save money on clothes. Today, we’re going to give you 10 closet organization tips. We could all use a little help in our closets!

10. Clear Everything Outempty closet

Before you start organizing, you should clear your closet out. Go through every single item in your closet and analyze it. You need to know what clothes you want to keep and what to donate. If you’re keeping a pair of jeans for when you lose 10 pounds, they should go. Don’t keep thin or fat clothes. They stress you out and create pressure.

9. Measure Your Closetmeasuring tape

Once you’ve decided what goes and what stays, you should take out your measuring tape and start measuring your closet. Once you’ve got everything written down, go shopping for boxes, bins and other space-saving items. You don’t want to spend 20 dollars on a pretty box, just to go home and see it doesn’t fit in your closet.

8. Crystalsstoring crystals

If you’re not using your china or crystals often, then they shouldn’t take up precious space. Find a safe place to store them, such as a dining room or basement and whatever you do, do not store your crystal glasses rim down. It is the most delicate part of a glass. Also, don’t store them too close to each other, they might touch and chip.

7. Shoes, Shoes, Shoesstored shoes

You can choose to store your shoes in the boxes they came in or invest in a shoe rack, it depends on the space you have and how many shoes you have. Both options are great. If you do choose to store them in the boxes, then you should label them properly, so that you don’t waste time looking for the ones you want.

6. Invest in Hangershangers

Hangers are an awesome invention and the fact that there are so many types, makes them the most versatile accessory in your closet. Use padded hangers for delicate items, such as gowns and underwear, sturdy hangers for jackets and winter coats and plastic hangers for shirts. If you’ve got any wire hangers, get rid of them, they don’t offer any support and they lose their shape very quickly.

5. Sweaterssweaters in suitcases

In the winter store sweaters on hangers, but as soon as the season ends, fold them for safe storage, because otherwise they will lose their shape. A really great idea for storing bulky sweaters during the warmer is to use suitcases. They don’t even have to be functional (the ones that you would actually use for travelling). They just need to look good around the house.

4. Linenstoring linen

A really great tip for organizing your closet when it comes to linen is to store them inside one of the set’s pillowcases. Also, it might sound silly, but don’t have more linen that you actually use. Have two pairs of bed linen for each bed you own. This way, you’re saving up a ton of space and you won’t have that much laundry to do when the time comes.

3. Eye Leveleye level

Another really good tip is to always store important items, items that you use frequently at eye level. You shouldn’t need a chair to reach something you wear once a week and you shouldn’t bed down to reach your underwear. Be smart and keep everything handy!

2. Donate Periodicallydonate clothes

Donating will help you get rid of things you no longer wear and it will help you clear up your closet and make more space for new things. If you don’t feel comfortable with giving away for charity, gather your friends and have a little party where you exchange clothes you no longer wear.

1. Seasonal Changeseasonal change

The closet of most people can’t really accommodate both the winter and the summer clothes, so you would need to rotate the clothes. Always cover your clothes and don’t store them in direct sunlight. But you should keep a few warm sweaters in the summer bunch, because you never know when you need them.

Are you going to use any of our tips for organizing your closet? Do you have any more tips for us? Care to share them in the comment section below? We could always need a bit of help when it comes to our closet!