Dreams are a mystery to people – even though people have been dreaming since the beginning of time, there still isn’t a general consensus concerning the purpose of dreams. Why do we dream? Every single thing our body does involuntarily (from our beating hearts to blinking) has a purpose. Dreams must have a purpose. Are they a means of divination? Are they our brain’s way of sifting through the massive amount of information it receives throughout the day, discarding what it doesn’t need and keeping what important? Are they simply fears that are expressed by our subconscious through symbols? Either explanation could be possible, or even a bit of all of them could hold the truth of why we dream. If you’re interested in dreams, then you should do a bit of research of your own, maybe you’ll find out some cool facts about dreams and will be able to make some sense of them on your own. Until then, let us introduce you into the world of dream interpretation and share with you ten common dreams and their interpretation.

10. Falling Teeth


If you dream that your teeth are falling then you might be subconsciously worrying about losing your physical appeal. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re becoming unattractive, or you fear rejection from those around you. Teeth also symbolize power, fierceness and maybe in real life you think you’re losing your power or your mojo. Whether your teeth are simply falling, or crumbling in your mouth, it all boils down to one thing: you’re losing something that you once had, such as power or attractiveness.

9. Being Trapped


This one doesn’t need too much looking into, because it’s a matter of what you see is what you get: being trapped in a dream translates into feeling trapped in real life. Maybe there’s someone or something that’s holding you back, that will not let you express yourself freely. In your dream, who is trapping you? Is there another person present with you in your dream or are you simply trapped in a room? Look around for clues and you might be able to discover the deeper meaning to your dream.

8. Somebody Dear Dying


Another common fear that gets expressed through dreams is the loss of someone you hold dear, most commonly a parent or a sibling. Dreaming that you lost someone you love, doesn’t only mean that you’re afraid of losing them, but it also means that you need their help through life and that you’re counting on them to be there for you. You don’t want to be abandoned, and that’s OK, nobody does.

7. Sexual Dreams


Sexually charged dreams are the brain’s way to tell you that you’ve been neglecting that area of your life too much. If you have a sexual dream after watching something that aroused you, then it’s pretty normal and only means that you need to resolve that state of arousal. Sexual dreams can bring frustration and can be cause for embarrassment, but they shouldn’t. You ought to pay attention to your body and its cues.

6. Giving Birth/Holding Babies


Babies symbolize new beginnings and innocence. Holding a smiling baby or giving birth to a baby and feeling happy about it mean that you embrace the side of you that is pure and vulnerable, but if your baby is crying or you lost it, then you might want to reassess certain areas in your life, that you might have neglected things and you’re missing them, subconsciously.

5. Being Chased By Someone or Something


Common dreams and their interpretation offer us a look into our psyche and the dream of being chased by someone or something is quite complex. Running from something or someone, that is usually evil or unknown, means that you’re not ready for certain things that are happening in your life. For example, you could have this dream if you are troubled at work. You feel pressure and want to escape it and what better way for your mind to vent, than having this dream?

4. Being in Water


Sometimes, in real life we can’t show our emotions for different reason and we choose to keep our feelings for ourselves. Those feelings manifest themselves through water in our dreams. If you’re swimming in calm and clear waters, then you’re happy or content about something, if the water is blurry or dark, there is something that is troubling you and you need to express it. How you’re feeling in the dream is relevant to interpreting your dream, for example you could be swimming in a pool full of mud, for example, but you could be fine with that, not scared or panicked. It means that there is something in your life that could pose a problem, but you’re not worried about it.

3. Flying


Most of the cases, flying is amazing! You soar over building and clouds and it feels so real, it’s as if it’s not a dream, but distant memories from when you could actually fly. A dream of flying symbolizes freedom, happiness and a calm and peaceful heart; or a desire to escape and fee free. Did you know that around 90% of all frying dreams are lucid ones? It means that you’re aware that you’re dreaming. You’re probably enjoying it so much that even your brain is signaling that flying it’s too good to be true.

2. Being Naked In Public


Another common dream, a common fear people have – being exposed to people, being subjected to scrutiny, having people laugh at you. How many of us have dreamed of being naked in front of our class or coworkers? It means that you don’t want them to see all of you, because if that were to happen, you would vulnerable. It’s a simple defense mechanism.

1. Falling


This is probably the most common dream and it has two distinct interpretations, depending on your feelings about the fall – if you’re falling through clouds and you’re enjoying it, then it means that you are embracing something new that is happening in our life. If you’re scared, then your brain is telling you that you’re stressed about something and that you’re insecure and losing control.

What did you think about these common dreams and their interpretation? Does it apply to you? Any weird dreams that you’d like to have interpreted? Share them with us!