We fight with our boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, friends, teachers, strangers, people online, God and so many more. When people fight, they tend to throw words around and get emotional, but that’s OK, human beings are emotional beings and fighting offers a way to release built up tension and also put things in perspective. Have you noticed how clear things are after you fight someone? And we’re not talking about those violent verbal fights with lots of anger that could lead to a divorce, but those fights that actually get things done. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at some things people do when they fight, maybe we’ll learn something about ourselves.

10. They Are Mean


This happens without even thinking or planning for it. It’s as if you have an outer body experience and you see yourself saying mean and hurtful things. In those moments, try to calm down and if you’ve said it, stop the moment you said it and apologize profusely. They might forgive you.

9. Zone Out


Did this ever happen to you? You’re having a heated argument and all of a sudden you’re not there anymore. You see the other person still going strong and you’re just out of it. It’s as if your body refuses to continue the argument. When this happens, take it as a sign that you should have some time-out, if possible.

8. Yell, Shout and Scream


What’s an argument without some decent amount of yelling, shouting and screaming? If you’re both into that, then go ahead and scream until you lose your voice, but if not, you might find yourself alone in the room, because not many people tolerate shouting.

7. Cross the Line


Never ever cross the line when you’re arguing. Don’t offend your argument buddy, don’t make things appear worse than they are and don’t enjoy the argument. Maybe you know a person like that, maybe you’re one of them – those people who take pleasure in arguing; if you do, there really isn’t much you can do.

6. End Up Fighting Because of Different Reasons


This is one of the most common things people do when they argue. Don’t take things further than they should be taken. Always contain the argument to the specific thing you’re arguing about. Let’s say you’re arguing about the dishes; don’t say something about his or her mother. Stick to the dishes! If you do happen to fall off track, do something about it, don’t let the argument become bigger than it should.

5. Cry


Cry, let it all out! It’s OK to cry when things become too emotional during a fight, but some people use it as a tool of manipulating the other. We suggest that you try and hold your tears back as much as you can, until you can’t do it anymore. Don’t use tears as a weapon.

4. Storm Out the Door


This is perfectly acceptable if the person you’re arguing with has offended you or said something outrageous. You’re not forced to stand there and listen to their harsh words, but if you’re storming out the door just because you’re losing the argument, then maybe you should consider staying.

3. Blame Each Other


It’s never your fault, isn’t it? You’re never to blame; it’s always the other person’s fault! Of course it isn’t. During an argument, try your best to not place blame and figure out how to resolve the issue. If you blame someone, you don’t come out as innocent, you come out as a douche who is a crappy arguer.

2. Go Back


This is what personally bugs me the most in an argument: when people who throw in your face things that happened months and years ago; things that they have forgiven you for; things that you told them in confidence. How can you be expected to continue the fight, when they pull crap like this?!

1. Say What They Don’t Mean


Saying something hurtful to someone you care about in the heat of the argument is one of the most heartbreaking things. It will take weeks if not years to have that person forgive you, if they choose to forgive you. Don’t set out to hurt the person you’re arguing with, try to win the argument with (duh!) arguments.

What did you think about the things people do when they argue? Did we nail it? Would you like to add something to our list? Do you have something that you’d like to share it with us? Then do so in the comm