feature in samsung galaxy note 3

Samsung galaxy Note 3, the latest jewel in the Samsung portfolio, was one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year, a smartphone that will greatly impress with strong performances and an incredible design, as Samsung has already accustomed us with. The design of Samsung N9005 Galaxy Note 3 is spectacular, due to its extremely large screen, 5.7 inch, but this is not only main advantage that makes this device the best smartphone on the market so far. Let’s have a look at some of the best features and functions in Samsung N9005 Galaxy Note 3.

1. Typing with one hand

Samsung N9005 Galaxy Note 3 is a large phone, but due to its feature, it is possible to operate it with one hand. To set up the Galaxy Note 3 for one-handed use, go to Settings -> Control Tab -> One-handed operation -> Check the options you want. The most used one-handed operation tweak is the Keyboard toggle, which pushes the keyboard to the right or left of the screen.

2. Wipe the screen with gloves

One big problem with touch screen phone is that you are not able to use the screen if you are wearing gloves. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 works with gloves on your hands, as long as you turn a setting on, that increases touch sensitivity. OK, maybe it will not work as smooth as without gloves, but it is a great improvement for those who had to take their gloves off during winter to operate the phone.

3. Color blindness Optimization

For colorblind users, Samsung N9005 Galaxy Note 3 has a special mode that can arrange an array of colors in terms of tones and shades. After that, the device will adjust the display according to your ideals.

4. Call Notification Window

This cool feature in Galaxy Note 3 allows you to receive call, without interrupting your current activity. Instead of a full screen window every time you get a call, you’ll get a smaller popup window at the bottom of the display with all the same buttons to accept, reject or message the caller. Simply activate the feature and you will never be interrupted by incoming calls.

5. Pen Window

Grab the S-Pen from the back of the phone and select the rightmost Pen Window option. Then draw a box of (almost) any size on the screen and pick one of the supported apps to fill the box you just drew.  So, you basically have a floating app, you can access anytime. You can also resize the pen window from the bottom right corner, or even minimize it to bring it back later. This only works with a couple of stock apps, like the calendar and clock.

6. Improvement in Battery Life

One of the biggest challenges for a phone this size is developing a battery that is able to support all its apps and features. Samsung features a 3,200 mAh battery pack for the Galaxy Note 3 to support daily power needs of exclusive apps, camera functions and S Pen features. Combine that battery unit to the Super AMOLED and built-in power-saving tool and you will get more power for your device.

7. Better Multi Window Mode

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a Multi Window mode. This feature allows users to use two apps on-screen at the same time. In the Note 3 you can even put the same app on-screen twice to simplify talking in two Google Hangout windows. You’ll need to turn some of these settings on by going to Settings -> Device -> Multi window -> On.

8. Use Flash as Call Alert

Sometimes sound and vibrations are not enough. To make sure you realize when someone is calling you, the Galaxy Note 3 enables the use of camera flash as an alert. This is a popular feature on the iPhone and now Samsung owners can use it as well.

9. Air View

This cool feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 allows users to use the S Pen or a finger to hover over details in select apps to see more, without actually tapping on it or going further into a message or gallery. To enable this feature, go to Settings -> Controls tab -> Air View -> On.

10. Use a USB Drive

This is without a doubt our favorite feature on the Galaxy Note 3. With a simple cable you buy from Amazon or any other store, you can connect and USB drive to your smartphone and have access to all the files on the drive.

So, planing  to give yourself an early Christmas present?