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It’s all in the brushes. Any makeup artist will tell you that. No matter how good your makeup is, it’s not going to look amazing if you don’t put it on your face correctly. Makeup brushes can make even the cheapest makeup look pretty good. The secret to a flawless face is using good brushes. In an older post, we shared our top 10 best makeup brushes brands with you. This list comprised the most popular brands that the entire Internet is raving about and today it’s time we took a look at 10 essential makeup brushes that any makeup enthusiast should own in his or her bag. Read on and take notes for when going brush shopping!

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10. Foundation Brush10 Essential Makeup Brushes

The foundation brush is the go-to tool for applying foundation. You can do it with your hands, sure, but it’ll never look as good as with this brush. It provides great coverage and it gets into those hard to reach areas, such as around your nose. Make sure you clean it at least every week if you’re using it daily.

9. Stippling Brushstippling brush

The stippling brush is amazing for achieving an airbrushed look. You can use your foundation brush to pack on foundation on your face. Then, use the stippling brush to buff the concealer in and make it look as if you’re not wearing any foundation. If your face is relatively blemish free, you can even skip the foundation brush and only use the stippling brush.

8. Blush Brushblush brush

Many of the blush brushes out there have it wrong. A good blush brush should be very soft, as not to disturb the foundation or powder underneath. You should build up the color, not apply it all at once. Simply swipe your brush on the blush and gently apply it with circular motions. It’s better to build up color. If you apply too much at first, you’ll have a harder time taking it off. Also, you can use this brush to apply your bronzer.

7. Highlighter BrushHighlighter Brush

Highlighter should be applied wherever you need to illuminate your face. Normally, this goes on the top of your cheeks, your Cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose, right under your eyebrows and the top of your forehead. You can use a nice fan brush for this or a small concealer brush. Either one works well!

6. Concealer BrushConcealer Brush

If you want to apply concealer with your fingers, go ahead and do it. Just make sure your hands are clean first. A nice concealer brush would do a better job. We suggest you also get a small buffing concealer brush to buff in your concealer. This brush will help you achieve a flawless look. If you don’t want two brushes for applying concealer, go for the buffing concealer brush. It does two jobs instead of one.

5. Eye Shadow BrushEye Shadow Brush

A good eye shadow brush will pack color on your eyelids, making sure it picks up enough eye shadow. It is one of the most essential of the 10 essential makeup brushes out there. Without this, your makeup kit would be complete. There are a ton of eye shadow brushes to choose from. Most of them are fine. Just make sure the brand is OK.

4. Blending BrushBlending Brush

This brush is an absolute must-have for achieving the smoky eye look or for blending your eye shadow. When it comes to eye shadow, a smudged look is always better than a straight line. Unless, of course, you’re going for a cat eye. It’s dead easy to use and we highly recommend you invest in a good brush brand such as MAC. It may be expensive, but it will last you a decade.

3. Angled BrushAngled Brush

The angled brush is mainly great for two things: achieving a great cat eye (it works wonderfully with gel eyeliners) and filling in your eyebrows. Make sure you clean your angled brush regularly, you wouldn’t want your black gel eyeliner in your brows, would you?

2. Eyebrow Brushbrow brush

Although the angled brush can be used as an eyebrow brush to fill them in and shape them, a nice eyebrow brush to brush them is a must-have. A very cool tip is to use a bit of hair spray on your eyebrow brush and simply work it through your eyebrows. The hairspray will set your brows and not a hair will move!

1. Lip Brushlip brush

You only need one brush for your lips. It should be small with fine, tightly-packed hairs. You’ll apply your lipstick with much more precision this way, which is especially great when it comes to red or burgundy lipsticks. If you don’t want to pay money for it, you can find plenty mini brushes in lipstick

Would you like to add any other brushes to our list of essential makeup brushes? Do you own any of these? What is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, we love hearing from our readers!