10 Famous Cocktails You Should Try Once in a Life Time

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It’s not that alcohol abuse is a good thing, on the contrary, but having a cocktail once in a while, is a treat many people indulge in, especially when they want to taste the little pleasures of life. Say cocktail and you’ll either imagine the girls from Sex and the City sipping their Cosmopolitans in a fancy restaurant, or a couple lying on a beach terrace in the Caribbeans enjoying the sunset. Or a wild party. Or a night out with your best friends. Or a very high class business meeting. Anyway, people like a good cocktail and some of these colored, fun beverages, made quite a history.

 1. Cosmopolitan

Not heavy on the alcohol, this tiny elegant drink, served in a Martini glass, with its pink nuances and its sweet cranberry juice flavor is the cocktail of choice for women who love to live their lives.


2. Long Island Ice Tea

There’s nothing like a tea in this delicious beverage. Also, if you’re at your first, remember it contains five different types of alcohol and… yes, it’s strong. Other than that, enjoy it cold as it should be and think about islands and holidays.


3. Bloody Mary

Lose the vodka in it and you’ll have the perfect tomato pasta sauce. Put the vodka back in and you’ll have a famous French cocktail invented in Paris and bearing the name of the blood-thirsty British Queen.


4. Daiquiri

A famous Cuban cocktail very often associated with a very famous American writer: Ernest Hemingway. The man enjoyed this white rum, lime juice, sugar and shredded ice combination, he is said of drinking around 16 a day. Ok, bad example. But the Daiquiri is nonetheless famous, delicious and very alluring.


5. Margarita

Now this is the true vacation cocktail. Invented by a woman, from Acapulco, in 1948, the Margarita originally consisted of tequila, orange and curacao. Now the lemon replaced the orange and this fresh, delightful drink is a trademark for a well spent summer evening.


6. Sex on the beach

It is still funny and a little weird to ask the bartender for a sex on the beach, but this incredible combination that tastes like peach, forest fruit and fresh pineapple, altogether with the ice and the vodka is definitely one of the most favored drinks of all times.


7. Tequila Sunrise

The name says it all. Invented in the fifties by the Americans to promote this hot and famous beverage, trust that this cocktail will keep you awake (or not?) until sunrise. It’s fruity, fresh and awesome and it fully deserves its place among the best ones.


8. Pina Colada

It is said it’s a ladies’ drink but men enjoy it just as much. It looks very jolly and colorful and contains a very appreciated type of liquor: white rum. It also brings together the flavors of coconut and pineapple and the presentation is just amazing.


9. Cuba Libre

It is almost the slogan of Cuba. And it is quite a simple drink in a tall glass. Rum, cola and lime juice and that’s it! A summer drink, a party drink and especially, a very cool one.


10. Black Russian

Right out of the colds and dark corners of Russia, this is a manly drink, strong, quite harsh and with a powerful flavor. From Russia with love and always containing vodka, this cocktail has a smoother variant for women, replacing the coffee liquor with whiskey cream.


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