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To keep a diet is an act of will and self determination that not many people can enact for a long term. But losing weight is a constant preoccupation for many, especially if they have health issues. Over the years, a lot of nutritionists, health specialists, medical doctors and even athletes have created, developed and implemented a large variety of food diets in order to help people feel better about themselves and lose those extra pounds that threatened their overall condition and quality of life. No many work, not all are universally suitable, as every individual needs individual care. Also, many specialists recommend physical activity along with the said diets, as the body needs not only to lose fat, but also get its shape. However, no matter how relaxed and easy (or downright Draconian) some diets are, the general statistics show that some of them have pretty good results without rebound or secondary effects, while others are necessary to be completely avoided. Today we will present ten of the most famous diets people usually keep.

1. The Atkins Diet

Eggs and bacon, delicious steaks and plenty of blue cheese dressing. All of these are allowed in The Atkins Diet, developed by dietician Robert Atkins. Dr. Robert Atkins first talked about this new controversial diet in 1972, when he published his bestselling book “Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution”. The Atkins Diet promises you will not only lose all the extra pounds without feeling hungry (with a low-carb diet), but also you will enjoy many health-related benefits such as better heart function or improvement of memory. Furthermore, Dr. Atkins  says that this type of diet may reduce symptoms of fatigue, irritability, headaches, depression and muscle aches.


2. The Dukan Diet

Created by French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, this is one of the most advertised dietary programs, having been chosen by both celebrities, such as Kate Middleton, and women from all over the word for its undeniable results. Dukan diet promises you’ll lose weight fast and healthy, thanks to highly efficient system is structured in four phases.


3. The South Beach Diet

Created by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, director of the Mount Sinai Medical Center for Heart Disease Prevention in Miami, Florida, The South Beach Diet guarantees a quick weight loss and delicious meals developed by research nutritionists. Based on principles similar to many other diets the South Beach Diet restricts carbohydrates in the first phase to speed up the weight loss process, indulging yourself afterwards with good carbs with low glycemic index.


4. The Montignac Diet

This is one of the best ways to eat what you like, continuing to lose weight! This diet is considered to be one of the most pleasant and healthy diets, which can be kept long term. Montignac is not about losing weight, but about changing your entire lifestyle. After studying for decades, nutritionist Michel Montignac developed a set of friendly diet rules, allowing people who follow them to eat a little of what they love and love weight at the same time. Currently, Michel Montignac is no longer among us, but the Montignac diet plan is promoted and further developed by the nutritionist’s daughter, Sybille Montignac.


5. The Pritikin Diet

Developed by Nathan Pritikin Diet in the 50s in order to get rid of an incurable heart disease, The Pritikin Diet can be considered a healthy permanent lifestyle. The Pritikin diet is based on consuming lean proteins, vegetables and complex carbohydrates, encouraging the reduction of fat and bad carbs from your diet and daily exercises in order to improve heart function.


6. The Cabbage Soup DietFamous Diets

It is said to eliminate extra pounds very fast, thanks to a rather restrictive menu, in which the main dish is … cabbage soup. For the cabbage soup diet you only need a few ingredients and the willpower to carry out the program. The results will not delay to appear! You can lose over five kilos in just one week.


7. The Danish Diet

It is very popular, because after the 13 days you can return to previous eating habits, without getting fat. The most attractive part of the Danish diet is that after the 13 days, you can lose between 7 and 10 kilos! Results obtained with the Danish diet depend on your metabolism and how it responds to this food program. The Danish diet is very strict: in the 13 days of diet you are not allowed to eat anything other than the food from the menu, in the quantities indicated.


8. The Dr. Oz Diet

If you like and trust Dr. Oz, you will surely like his diet. The Dr. Oz Diet focuses on abdominal fat, which is very dangerous for your health. It is not so dangerous to have fat around the thighs or arms (although yes, it is unaesthetic), belly fat is close to vital organs which can’t perform their functions properly because of it. The first step you need to make is to eliminate belly fat.


9. The Japanese Diet

Women in Japan have the lowest obesity rate in the world (3% versus 35% obesity rate in the U.S., and 12% in France) and one of the highest life expectations (they live on average up to 85 years). Their secret? A diet rich in fresh ingredients, cooked with care and eaten slowly, part of a whole ritual. The secret in the Japanese Diet is to give up meat (especially the red one), refined carbohydrates, bread and sweets, and include in your menu as many fresh ingredients, cooked with care, without oil.


10. Starvation

Probably the most famous and unhealthy way to lose weight is starvation. Although the side effects of starvation come in different shapes and sizes, from muscle mass loss to organ malfunction, many people seem willing to take any risk possible in order to lose weight. Bear in mid the yo-yo effect: you lose weight fast, but you gain it even faster.


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