10 Festivals You Should Not Miss In 2013

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Festivals are usually some of the greatest attractions for people all around the world, be them music, film or arts events. Some of them are synonym with history and tradition and many represented marking points in a band’s, movie director’s or artist’s future career. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, some of the 2013 festivals around the world are the highlights of this year, just as they were the year before and the years that come. Many people just dream of getting there at least once in their lifetime, while others are regular participants to some of the events that literally shake the ground every year. Let’s see where to go, what to see and what to tell our family, friends and future children even, as the summer promises us this year incendiary events and fun beyond imagination.

1. Paris Jazz Festival (June 9 – July 29 2013)

If you already missed the Echo Festival in Croatia or the Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria, you still have time to fly for Paris. The Jazz Festival, pur les connaiseurs, takes place in Parc Floral in the country’s capital and it will bring not only the famous of the famous artists, but also new and promising names in jazz.

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2. The Midnight Sun Film Festival (12-16 of June 2013)

This is something many people would love to experience and at least for two reasons: it is held in Finland, for one, in Sodankyla, and if you’re lucky, the northern night sky will offer you some spectacular sights, and secondly, this festival represents a celebration of new, audacious cinematography.

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3. Bonnaroo (13-16 of June 2013)

If you like country music, then this is the place to be. Tennessee, there is. Do you hum and shake your booty when you listen to Brantley Gilbert? Well, go to the country music home and have fun with Paul McCartney and Mumford & Sons, as they are this year’s special guests.

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4. Glastonbury Festival (26-30 of June 2013)

It started as an alternative rock event held at a farm. And what started as a small project between friends turned out to be one of the UK’s greatest festivals. And not only in UK, mind you, as it gathers people from all corners of the world.

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5. World Body painting Festival (1-7 of July 2013)

Let’s take a break from music for a week and try something completely new: this Austrian event is described as being the perfect mix of art, fashion, some music and lots of good times that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

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6. Open’er Festival (3-6 of July 2013)

Back to the music and book a plane ticket to Poland, as this year’s greatest Polish festival gathers names such as Blur, the Arctic Monkeys, the Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age and Rihanna. Organizers say they will set up a fashion area too, for new designers to show their newest creations.

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7. Verbier Festival (July 19 -August 4 2013)

Music is not just electro or alternative. So if you have a soft spot for classic music, then you are invited to Switzerland, as the Verbier Festival this year promisses 16 classical music concerts on a time frame of 17 days, in an atmosphere you will not forget too soon.

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8. Lollapalooza (2-4 of August 2013)

You think we’d forget? One of the biggest, most famous, most appreciated music festivals in the whole world is held in Chicago. And stay tuned to the news, as they are preparing the lists…

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9. Guca Trumpet Festival (5-11 of August 2013)

Serbia is synonym with Emir Kusturica. So pack your bags for the trumpet festival, Balkan style, as the famous movie director and music guru will start this colorful and fun festival in August.

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10. The Helsinki Festival (16 of August-1st of September 2013)

Music, film, theater, circus shows and a lot of fun stuff for the kids. This Finnish event is well know and much loved and it is still warm enough outside to enjoy a multi – arts cultural vacation together with friends and family.

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