Hard-Boiled Egg

Last week we gave you 10 protein-loaded foods for building muscle and today we’re going to look into 10 foods that help you sleep. We know that sometimes, due to various reasons, including stress or caffeine, it’s hard to get some good shut-eye. You lie awake in bed, contemplating life and the ceiling and hope to get some much needed rest. So many people turn to medicine to help them sleep, but before you do that, try some more natural methods, such as foods that help you sleep. Remember what Hippocrates said: Let the food be thy medicine. Read on and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

10. Dairydairy

Your mother was right, having a glass of warm milk before bed will help you sleep better. All dairy products contain tryptophan which is a sleep-inducing nutrient. Also, dairy has a lot of calcium, which is known to reduce stress and stabilize nerve fibers. So, in the evening, you should consume some yogurt or a glass of milk if you want to have a good night’s sleep.

9. Oatmealoatmeal

Oatmeal is a staple breakfast food, but did you know that oatmeal can help you sleep? Aside from the fact that is warm and soft, which induces sleep, but it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium – all nutrients that are known to induce and support sleep. Our advice is to not add too much sugar, as it will have an opposite effect on you.

8. Hard-Boiled EggHard-Boiled Egg

Don’t eat sugary carbs, such as candy, before going to bed, a high-protein snack just before bedtime will help you rest better. A great and low-calorie food is a hard-boiled egg (it’s fast and delicious), but if you don’t like eggs, you could try to eat some nuts and seeds, such as pumpkin and almonds.

7. Miso SoupMiso Soup

Miso soup is usually eaten by the Japanese in the morning, as it is light, yet filling and quite easy to make. All are qualities that make it amazing to be eaten at night, too. Also, miso has amino acids that will boost the production of melatonin, a hormone that makes us sleepy and helps us rest.

6. BananaBanana

A banana won’t just fill up your stomach to keep it from growling at night, but is also contains magnesium and loads of potassium, both are known to relax muscles. Also, bananas contain tryptophan which converts serotonin to melatonin. If you don’t feel like eating a banana at night, make yourself a smoothie with some milk, ice and an overripe banana! Yummy!  

5. CherriesCherries

A recent study conducted by a team at the University of Pennsylvania revelaed that tart cherries boost the body’s production of melatonin which is the number one sleep hormone. Drink a glass of cherry juice, to get the job done, just make sure that it doesn’t have sugar or other sweeteners. In the summer, you can make it yourself.

4. EdamameEdamame

One of the best foods that help you sleep is edamame! So steam a handful of those yummy beans, lightly salt them and watch a movie. You’re guaranteed to fall asleep before the movie is over. This is because of a compound that is found in almost all soy-based products, that resembles estrogen. It can cool hot flashes and also help you sleep.

3. Almondsalmonds

Once again we’re talking about magnesium, the great muscle relaxant. Almonds are full of magnesium and it also has a lot of protein, which will give you stable blood sugar levels, which aid the stomach enter its rest and digest stage. Make sure you consume raw almonds, as salt will give your heart a workout, which isn’t a good thing when going to bed.

2. CerealCereal

Cereal isn’t just for the breakfast time! Having a small bowl of whole-grain cereal with milk will help you rest better at night. Put in some banana, cherries and almonds to make sure you’re falling asleep as soon as you finish the bowl. It’s because foods right in complex carbohydrates will increase the levels of tryptophan in your blood.

1. Tealinden Tea

We’re not talking about the tea that has caffeine in it, such as black or green! Some herbal teas have been known for ages to induce sleep. Chamomile tea is safe and yummy and linden tea smells heavenly. Combine the two and add a bit of honey and you’re in heaven, we can assure you.

Have you tried any of these foods that help you sleep? Did they work? Care to share your thoughts on this matter? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you!