In a previous topic we’ve offered ten free alternatives to clean your PC from viruses. Besides having your computer virus-free, there’s another important aspect to consider if you want to have a smooth-running computer, and that is the registry database of your operating system (Windows). A windows registry is a hierarchical database which stores configuration settings and options that are important to the Windows operating system. Within this database you will find settings for various operations and applications such as the Windows’ kernel, SAM, device drivers, user interface, and third party apps.  What makes cleaning your registry important is that this database can get overcrowded with information, thus dramatically slowing down your computer. We therefore offer you ten free PC registry cleaners to keep you computer up and running. However, word of advice: be very careful when you use these tools, as you can damage your operating system.

10. GlarySoft- Registry Repair



Our first choice is Glarysoft’s Registry Repair tool, a highly intelligent engine that’s been built to find invalid entries efficiently and fast. It’s simple and easy-to-use interface makes it perfect for those of you who are not computer experts. In addition, even if you somehow screw-up the database, the program makes a back-up of any changes that are made.

9. Registry Life



With Registry Life you can check the Windows’ registry by detecting more than ten different kinds of problems, while also cleaning any informational junk that may be present within the database. In addition, you can also use it to defragment and compress the registry. Works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

8. WinMend Registry Defrag




Safe and reliable, the WinMend Registry Defrag tool is built on Microsoft’s latest base level reconstruction technology. In addition, the utility is 30% faster than other products – the defragmentation can be completed in approximately 2 minutes for most Windows operating systems.

7. Auslogics Registry Cleaner



Next in our list of ten free PC registry cleaners is Auslogics, a comprehensive tool that’s fast, reliable, and user friendly. The application removes all unwanted entries from the registry in just a couple of minutes, while also offering a detailed view on what’s been changed.

6. RegSeeker



RegSeeker is a very strong and effective registry cleaner which can display a range of informations such as startup entries, several histories – including index.dat files, installed applications and more. With it you can look up for any item present in your registry, export and delete the obtained results, and more. In addition, the tweaks panel helps you optimize your operating system the way you want.

5. TweakNow RegCleaner



TweakNow comes into two versions – a standard and a professional one. The first is obviously free and offers all the necessary tools to keep a clean and working registry. What’s really awesome about TweakNow RegCleaner is that the program not only works with Windows 7, but also with the latest product from Microsoft – the Windows 8 OS.

4. Wise Registry Cleaner



In addition to the free version, the pro version of this program offers extra features such as exporting entries to Microsoft Excel. But let’s talk about the free version – it helps you scan the registry and fix any existing problems safely as it’s designed to accurately establish which entries are faulty and which are not. A back-up feature is also present.

3. Eusing Reg Cleaner



Some key features of this free registry cleaning utility are safeness, a user-friendly interface, efficiency in improving your system’s performance, automatic backup, and so on. Eusing works for most types of Windows, including Windows 98, Millennium, XP, 7.

2. AML



Another useful tool to clean up and repair your registry is the AML software. With just a few clicks all your problems are solved by this little but powerful utility that features a detailed start-up manager which offers useful information, detailed overview of your running processes and programs, and much more.

1. CCleaner



Our number one choice in this listing of free PC registry cleaners is by far one of the most popular choices when it comes to PC tune-up utilities. Although it’s commonly known for its capabilities of cleaning up your hard drive, the utility can also be used as a registry cleaner.

We hope this list helped. If it did, give some love and feedback! 🙂