10 Funny Car Number Plates

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The funny car number plates are well known to Internet surfers that stumble upon them in all sorts of places and can’t stop but wondering who are these people who drive by in their cars bearing sometimes the most absurd, funny, vulgar or offensive license plates. And how is that nobody tells them it’s not OK? But let’s face it, if they didn’t have this twisted imagination of picking funny number plates and if they all realized that the joke’s on them, we wouldn’t have fun anymore. So let’s see ten of these incredible car plates and thank their owners for the laughs.

1. PMS. Permanently. funny_car_plates

2. When in traffic… seems legit


3. Love statement


4. Though you were an airplane

funny_ca_ plates

5. Say my name… say my name


6. So… is that really your property?


7. Enjoy your visit!


8. We want one of those too!


9. Two pills please!




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