It has become common knowledge that the skin is our largest organ, but we sometimes forget that. The best way to take care of it is to use natural beauty products, not only to maintain a youthful appearance, but to also remain healthy. Our skin secretes oil through the sebaceous glands in order to deliver important vitamins to the surface of the skin, create a barrier that will shield it and to simply maintain it healthy. Your natural skin oil is not a bad thing. Some people who battle with acne have too much, while others with very little get scaly and crackly skin – but the oil produced by your glands is the best oil for your skin. If you weren’t blessed to have perfectly balanced sebaceous glands, then let’s look at some oils found in nature that will bring back harmony at the surface of our skin. 

1.      Jojoba  Oil


Jojoba oil is said to be a miracle in a bottle. Aside from acting as an anti-inflammatory and helping to heal minor lesions of the skin, it is also a great fungicide – meaning it creates a very unfriendly environment for harmful bacteria to grow and this translates into less infections and basically perfect skin.

2.      Grapeseed Oil


One of the few oils that will help regulate your natural oil glands, it is perfect for oily and acne prone skin and one of the best natural beauty products. It has a high concentration of linoleic acid which is vital in helping the skin restore and heal itself – and it is also relatively cheap!

3.      Sweet Almond Oil


Almonds have been a source of goodness since ancient times – the tree is actually mentioned in the Bible ten times! The oil made from the kernels is a great emollient and is extremely gentle on your skin, making it perfect for sensitive and irritation prone skin.

4.      Coconut Oil


This oil is good for moisturizing the skin and creating a barrier against free radicals. Use it in the winter to prevent the skin from cracking or losing its moisture. When at room temperature this oil is solid and white. If you would like to add it to a blend of oils, be sure to melt it down with the help of steam.

5.      Olive Oil


Make sure you get a cold pressed virgin olive oil for your skin and your cooking. It is the cheapest oil on our list and one of the best oils in the world. Use it for your face if it is really dry, mix in some honey and put it on your hair or simply have it in your salad.

6.      Argan Oil


A relatively new oil for the Westerners, Argan oil is made from a tree that thrives in the harsh conditions of Morocco, that is why is has been marketed as Moroccan oil. An amazing natural beauty product, it is one of the few oils that are good for both acne prone and dry skin.

7.      Castor Oil


A classic staple, Castor oil may not be the star in the oil world, but it gets the job done. We all know the wonders this oil does when it comes to constipation, but what you may not know is that it works wonders for the nails and hair also. Put some on your eyelashes before you go to bed and in a couple of months you’ll see a huge difference.

8.      Tea Tree Oil


The best for treating acne and oily skin, Tea Tree oil acts as an astringent and has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Aside from improving acne prone skin, Tea Tree Oil is also great for other issues, such as nail disease, Candida and Scabies. To be honest, it’s an oil you must have in your household. 

9.      Rose Hip Seed Oil


Like almost all oils it is rich in essential fatty acids, but Rose Hip Seed oil has a very high concentration of retinol (an amazing anti-aging vitamin) and vitamin C which is a great antioxidant. Great to heal up scars and even acne, this oil is shaping up to be a savior for oily and sensitive skin.   

10.  Emu Oil


Yes, Emu oil is made from the Emu bird, as while it may seem strange to make oil from a bird, this oil apparently is a miracle for all types of skin, having anti-inflammatory proprieties and ability to heal wounds. But look at those eyes, that face! Making oil from beautiful bird just doesn’t resonate too well with us, so we highly recommend using jojoba oil instead.