10 Important Yet Underrated Jobs

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We all like to enjoy the little things in life, but often overlook the people that make those things possible. Today we take a look at ten jobs that are important, and more or less make our daily lives a bit better, but are severely underrated – and the people that do them are rarely ever recognized for their efforts.

1. Theater technician

How many times have you read a review of a brand new Broadway production that went “…and the cables were arranged so efficiently, the signal flow was flawless, and we were thoroughly impressed with the amount of work that was put in making sure every actor’s voice is clearly heard over the PA system. Did we mention everything respected industry safety standards and the venue did not catch fire during the show”? Theater technicians are crucial in the smooth running of a show, but their names aren’t even on the playbill.


2. Taxi driver

When you need to get from point A to point B and public transportation is not available, who do you rely on? Cabs and their drivers, of course; they’ve seen it all: drunks, psychopaths, high-class businessmen, and the lowest of the low. They could write entire books based on stories they’ve lived through or heard while on the job. Taxi drivers will get you places, but their job doesn’t bring them much glory or recognition.


3. Bookbinder

Every book you’ve ever read has been the result of the common efforts of an entire group of individuals, starting with the author and ending with the people working in the printing industry. One of these people is the bookbinder, the person that “assembles” the book after printing, gives it its final shape and size and makes sure it doesn’t fall apart the minute you open it. These jobs are mostly done by machines – but machines don’t operate themselves. And while people are often heard praising the content of a book, not so many admire the work that happens on the road between the printing press and the bookstore.


4. Security guard

We all like to feel safe at work, when we shop, or when we’re out on the town having fun. But when it comes to giving credit for our safety, the first people that come to mind are the police. The security guards in office buildings, malls, banks and clubs are often underrated and mocked but their job is as important to our daily safety as the jobs of policemen and other law enforcers.


5. Teleprompter operator

News anchors rely on them to deliver fast and accurate texts for the world to hear, politicians deliver speeches with their help, and TV actors don’t have to panic when they forget a line or two. But we never get to see the person behind the teleprompter, making sure the people in front of the cameras deliver their message to you.


6. Hospital orderly

Although they are currently being phased out and their position is being replaced with other similar services, hospital orderlies are an important part of the healthcare system and don’t get the credit they should. All the heavy lifting, carrying, equipment handling, and dealing with violent or disorderly patients in a hospital is done by the orderlies, yet they are outshined by the medical staff. If you’ve ever had a broken limb, you were surely helped by an orderly at some point, and even though they aren’t given much credit, their job is important in the process of caring for patients.


7. Band roadie

Roadies go on tour with bands and help with loading, unloading and handling of equipment, as well as stage setup and breakdown. If you’ve ever been at a festival or concert and you’ve marveled at the huge racks of equipment, walls of speakers and amplifiers, and thought “boy, someone must’ve worked hard to set all this up in time for the show”, you gave credit to an important cog in the live entertainment industry.


8. Help-desk operator

Where would we be without a patient, polite know-it-all to help us over the phone when our computer crashes, our internet is down or our printer just won’t print? Despite all this, helpdesk operators are often mocked and made fun of, even though they sometimes deal with very difficult customers.


9. Bartender

Whoever says bartenders have it easy has definitely not worked in a bar. The people that supply us with our chosen weekend “poisons” work very hard, long hours and are under a constant amount of pressure. So next time you’re out drinking, think twice before looking down at the bartender serving you.


10. Cleaning crew

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it, so that you come to work in a clean environment. They work a lot, they work hard, and they make sure your office building stays spotless every day. Yet, the job is considered “demeaning” and not given the respect it deserves. We rely on cleaning crews to do the things we don’t like doing or don’t have time to do, therefore they should be shown more gratitude.



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