Matt Sartain is a special kind of artist. His beautiful photos from the “Misadventures” series are able to tell stories… They are funny, cinematic and motivating; motivating, as they encourage the viewer to find a storyline to link to the images. Funny, as they are presenting some charming characters who have undertaken absurd tasks, or journeys.

Each of these incredibly panoramic images is able to transport you to another world, of dream like lands and story like heroes. They are original, they are self-sufficient and inspirational.

So, why would an old professor carry an apple tower in one hand all the way to the University?! And what is that piece of paper flapping behind him telling us? That he was too busy with his project to notice it, most probably. All of these beautiful pictures are also hilarious and rich in details that will help you imagine a crazy, yet so delicious, misadventure…




matt 6