vintage sexist ad 10

If you think that ads today are sexist then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Things are getting better at a snail’s pace, but they are. Back in the day ads were much, much worse. All things vintage have a whiff of racism, sexism and any other –ism you can think of, such as these vintage ads for cigarettes, but the following ten sexist vintage ads will send shivers down your spine and make you want to thank the Lord for living in this day and age. Take a look at what the world back then considered normal and even funny, if you can stomach it.

10. Spanking – Putting Women in Their Place Since the Dawn of Time…

vintage sexist ad 10

… and helping create weird fetishes also since the dawn of time. Of course it is reasonable for a man to beat his wife. Back then people joked about these things and nobody found it offensive. Thank God that an ad like that would cause a stir today. Thank God!

9. No Comment

vintage sexist ad 9

We cannot even begin to comment on this offensive, sexist ad. What do you think about it? We believe that it’s so disturbing that we should just move on to number eight on our list and hope we’ll forget we even saw it. We bet that will never happen!

8. EVEN a Woman Can Open It!

vintage sexist ad 8

A small, insignificant, pathetic and powerless woman. That’s the continuation of the line You mean a woman can open it? It’s so unbelievable that even the woman in the picture is having a hard time believe that she can open a goddamn bottle. Imagine the brainstorming session that gave birth to this ad. I’m seeing a scene out of Mad Men, only with fat and ugly men in suits drinking and smoking cigars at noon.

7. Loaded with Disease!

vintage sexist ad 7

What a great way to describe a human being! Loaded with disease! Back then and nowadays when a woman decides to become a sex worker, she loses part of her humanity, she’s no longer on the same par with other non-sex working women and men. Sure, they’re great to have fun with, but you wouldn’t take them seriously… especially because of how loaded with disease they are!

6. That’s What Wives are For!

vintage sexist ad 6

There are still plenty of sexists ads in today’s media, such as this Superbowl ad, but they don’t hold a candle to these sexist vintage ads. Apparently men back then didn’t want a human being as a companion, they wanted a cook, a cleaner and a sex doll and this ad sums that up perfectly. And just look at how happy she is to fit the role of the obedient wife!

5. Simple Driving for Women

vintage sexist ad 5

… because they’re simple. Right?! Simple people (a.k.a. women) need a simple car to do their simple driving. This ad makes me so mad, because it’s at the heart of those preconceptions about women being bad drivers.

4. Losing Love through Middle-Age Skin since 1910

vintage sexist ad 4

If your man doesn’t take you out because of your middle-age skin, if your man is ashamed of you because of your middle-age skin, then you married an idiot and you should dump their sorry ass as soon as possible. Imagine the world back then, when this type of ad was popular and accepted! I get goose bumps to think of it! Learn your lesson, just like the woman in the ad, and don’t stand for this type of crap.

3. Vacuum Cleaner Equals Happiness

vintage sexist ad 3

Why didn’t anyone tell me this? If only had I known about this earlier, everything would have been alright in my world! In fact, I’m going to go out and buy myself a Hoover just to test their theory. Just look at the woman in the ad, she seems like the happiest camper in the world. I want to feel like that too!

2. Letting Women Vote is Dangerous

vintage sexist ad 2

The ad reads It is a menace to the home, men’s employment and to all business. Imagine the knowing and talking to those type of people, men and women, today. How long before you would slap them in the face? We’re guessing 15 minutes. Unfortunately there are many who still believe this crap and it’s our job to make a difference.

1. Girl Size Hand

vintage sexist ad 1

Saying girl size hand is like saying there’s a girl size heart or liver. Men and women are the same species, thus they’re the same. Some women may have small hands and some men have small hands too. Having small hands is not a woman thing and a woman with large hands is no less of a woman because of it. Let’s stop this sexist bullcrap and get back to work!

What are your thoughts on these sexist vintage ads? I’m sure you have something on your mind you’d like to share! Leave us a comment in the section below and tell us what you think of them.