If you’re wondering what to put into your Swiss Army backpack, we could help you out by giving you a few tips. Going on a hike can be extremely wonderful if it is done correctly and certain rules are followed. Never go anywhere without letting someone know your destination. Always eat a good breakfast before you leave and always wear comfortable shoes. Don’t let the weather catch you by surprise, so do check the weather report before the day of your hike. The carry out what you carry in concept refers to littering – you should not leave any trace behind except your footprints, so take this into consideration when packing. And lastly, before moving on to our list, enjoy yourself. There’s no hurry whatsoever to get anywhere, stop and smell the roses!

10. Swiss Army Backpack


A nice and sturdy Swiss Army backpack will be your best friend on a hike. It can help you organize better and they are extremely spacious. Choose a color you like, but we recommend khaki or green, for blending in with nature.

9. Flashlight


This one is really a no-brainer, but forgetting it has happened to the best of us. Unless you want to use your mobile phone to go for a little wee in the middle of the night, remember to pack it in your Swiss Army backpack. The best types of flashlight for hiking are those that you recharge manually, that require no batteries. The wonders of technology, we know!

8. Compass


You’re outdoors and there are no posts and sings – just you and a map, of course you’ll need a compass. It’s easy to read and these little things are pretty cool. You’ll feel like a real life Indiana Jones making your way through the trees and valleys while holding a fancy compass.

7. Lighter, Match


If you forget to bring fire, you’ll starve to death. No, we’re just joking, you’ll just starve and also get to bed really early. The greatest thing about hiking is to sit around the fire in the evening, talking and roasting marshmallows. If there is too much moisture in the air you could try buying water resistant matches.

6. Rain Gear


Never, ever forget your rain gear when out camping, even when there is no sign of rain. If you get wet it will become almost impossible to dry off completely and this could lead to some serious discomfort. And discomfort equals a horrible time.

5. Insect Repellent


The bugs are the not so pretty side of hiking. They’re a constant nuisance and you can’t get rid of them unless you use some insect repellent cream or spray. Do a little search before you buy, there are some who are less harmful to the human body than others.

4. Appropriate Clothing


We suggest you bring comfortable and practical clothes. Jeans could be OK, unless they’re tight or flared. Remember, there’s nobody commenting on your fashion choices in the wilderness. Get warm clothes, even though you’re hiking in the summer, the nights could get really cold.

3. Good Boots


The boots will make or break your hike. Your feet need to be in perfect condition, otherwise you won’t be able to reach your destination. Even with the best boots, you will get some blisters, as you’ll be walking quite a lot. One tip: never use new boots on a hike, always get some that have been broken into.

2. High-Energy Food


Protein bars, nuts, beans and soups are great for an outing, just don’t pack much of them – you don’t want to fill your Swiss Army backpack with food. Another thing you could do is cook dinner on a fire with the things you manage to pick up along the way, such as mushrooms, herbs and even eggs.

1. Water


Bring enough water on your hike! Never mind, you won’t bring enough water on your hike – but at least bring some decent water containers with you so that you can fill it up along the way. Water bottles with sports caps are the best!