When the Internet met cats, it exploded, just like our universe, and it is continuously expanding until it probably explodes once again, this time creating only cat-related websites. We’ve got famous cats on the internet, cats that are stars and earn a great living for them and their humans. In this article we are going to take a look at the one thing that cats do best: sleeping. A simple Google search on cat sleeping positions will reveal a plethora of images that will elicit more squeals and smiles than that sneezing baby panda (and that’s some funny stuff right there!).

10. Cat in a Box


Cardboard boxes are modern cat traps. The thing about boxes that make them so successful at catching cats is the fact that cats do not perceive them as a danger; they don’t see them as traps. They enjoy them more than do an expensive toy or bed. Sleeping in one is, for them, the highlight of their day. Place one in an open space and you’ll catch no less than one cat that you will get to enjoy for at least 10 years.

9. The Limp Head Issue


If humans were to sleep in this position constantly, we would probably need weekly sessions of chiropractic treatments. Cats don’t seem to be affected by this peculiar sleeping position. I sit and wonder sometimes if all that blood rushing to their tiny heads raises any health issues. The hanging head usually comes with a slightly open mouth that offers tongue visibility.

8. The I Give Up!


FML! I don’t want this, I didn’t ask for it and I refuse to take a part in it! Try imitating this position and see how uncomfortable you get after a couple of minutes, yet some cats don’t get enough of this sleeping position. They probably need to keep their eyes and nose warm and that’s the only solution they came up with.

7. The Looooooong Cat



The long cat sleeping position, also known as I Surrender! is a close relative of the I Give Up! It invites to belly rubs, belly sniffing and belly face-burying activities. Short and repetitive kisses may be placed on the subject’s underside of chin and paw squeezes are acceptable. If the cat wakes and ruins the position, then you can blame yourself for the rest of the day.

6. Cat on Its Human Head


Conspiracy theorists claim that this is the cat’s method of slowly but surely chocking its human to death. Those who own cats scoff at this and dislodge a couple of hairs from their throats. No, cats aren’t trying to suffocate us, they’re merely keeping our heads warm with their butts. We should be thankful for that.

5. The In Between the Things


This sleeping position is a fluke! Most of the times, the feline will attempt to move from one place to another, only to find that such a feat is too great to accomplish on that particular time of day. Thus, it gives up and settles in until it regains its powers and is able to move on. Do not attempt to remove the cat or nudge it – the in between the things is usually painless to the cat. OK, you can nudge it!

4. The Feline Pretzel


In the Cat Yoga book, this is an advanced position. After the sun salute and the downright facing dog the cat will mold itself into this position and will stay there for ten breaths in and ten breaths out. In that time, it will try to let go of the stress accumulated during the day and will try to think happy thoughts. This position improves flexibility and posture.

3. A Perfect Circle of Cat


Here we see the perfect example of a cat keeping itself warm. Also an advanced Yoga position, the perfect circle helps increase backbone flexibility. Rookies will have a hard time keeping their tails in the right position, as observed here, but with perseverance comes success.

2. Snug as a Bug on a Rug


Scientists from a renowned British institute have discovered that cats invented cuddling. Before them, people and animals didn’t know how to cuddle! Observe this one specimen cuddling in a boot – its snugness as a bug on a rug is contagious.

1. Bashful


Most cats’ favorite sleeping position, the bashful, takes place when there is too much light for their comfort. In this case you can try closing the curtains or dimming the light. Anything to make the master of the house comfortable!

Did you enjoy these cat sleeping positions? Would you like us to feature more cats in our articles? If so, drop us a line in the comment section below and we’ll get right on it, there’s nothing we love more here at 10Awesome than writing about cats!