Victorinox Swiss Army knives have achieved icon status in the 80’s thanks to the TV show MacGyver. They have always come in handy to campers, boy and girl scouts, fishermen and everyone likes to tinker with tools. It is a staple object in any home and if you have one in your back pocket or your bag at all times, it means you’re a MacGyver fan and you’re expecting to find yourself in a life and death situation almost every day. Well, with a pack of gum, a Victorinox Swiss Army knife and a piece of string you can build yourself a plane and fly out into the world… not really, but close. Let’s count down the top ten most awesome Victorinox Swiss Army Knives.

            10. Swiss Champ




This one’s got it all! It’s only 10 on our list because it’s quite large and it may be hard to carry around. If you’re going on an extended trip and you have got a large backpack, then you will be more than safe carrying a Swiss Champ with you. It’s got 30 tools, from tweezers to pliers; all of them are sure to prove useful at one point.

9. Spartan

Swiss Army Knives (2)



It is absolutely perfect with one large blade and one small, a corkscrew, a can opener and some other tools – it is just the right size for you to always carry around. You can have your Spartan in classic red, black or be on the lookout for some limited edition varieties, such as Saint Patrick’s green.

8. Tourist

Swiss Army Knives (3)



If all you need and want is simplicity, Victorinox Swiss Army knives can offer you that. Select the Tourist and you’ll be completely satisfied. It’s only got two tools: a large blade and a combination tool (that also includes a cap lifter, can opener, a screwdriver and a wire stripper). Great for people who like to pack lightly!

7. Waiter

Swiss Army Knives (4)


Whether you are a professional waiter or you like to have guests over, the Waiter model does the job well. It includes both tools that the Tourist has and also a corkscrew. Why complicate things with lots of tools and various functions? Always have this in your kitchen and your friends and family will never go thirsty.

6. Fisherman/ Angler

Swiss Army Knives (5)



If this top ten of Victorinox Swiss Army knives was written for the fishermen out there, then the Fisherman and the Angler would have been on the number one position. They have everything the average and the professional fisherman needs: two types of blades, pliers and scissors and a parcel carrier among others. And to make it official that these two are made for fishermen, they both have a logo of a fish on its body underneath the Victorinox sign. These two can really tackle anything!

5. Explorer

Swiss Army Knives (6)



Do you want to feel like Indiana Jones while out in nature? Do you want to dig up hidden treasures or simply study rocks and pebbles? Then choose the Explorer and it will be your best assistant on the job. It comes with the basic tools, scissors and reamer with punch and also a magnifying lens. If it’s sunny outside you could use the lens to start your camp fire. That’s what MacGyver would do (even if he had a lighter in his pocket).

4. Mountaineer

Swiss Army Knives (7)


The Mountaineer is designed to deal with metal. It has a file made from hardened stainless steel that you can use to file metal, even cut it or if you’re feeling dainty, just use it on your nails and make sure they’re nice and even. It’s lightweight and downright beautiful!

3. Traveller

Swiss Army Knives (8)


What makes the Traveller special is that apart from all the tools that come with any basic Victorinox Swiss Army knife, this one comes with a little display powered by batteries that serves as a digital clock, a timer (with the countdown function included), a thermometer, a barometer, a small flashlight and the most amazing function: an altimeter (displaying in meters and feet). A little gem!

2. Camper

Swiss Army Knives (9)


Almost identical to our number one Victorinox Swiss Army knife, the camper is missing the scissors. This doesn’t mean that it’s not perfect for camping or simply having an adventure out in the woods or on the beach. Just attach it on your key chain and you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you.

1. Huntsman

Swiss Army Knives (10)


The number one on our list is the Huntsman – it is the perfect combination between versatility and appearance. Great for any outdoors experience or inside the city jungle, it is equipped with a wood saw, parcel carrier and all the blades Victorinox puts on their knives – we have concluded that this one’s indeed perfect. And to make things even better, MacGyver’s used this one on most his adventures.