In our search for the best lotion for dry skin, we must learn a little about our skin. It is our largest organ and it is made up of two primary layers: the epidermis and the dermis. The visible layer is called the epidermis. Its two largest tasks are keeping moisture inside the skin, maintaining it hydrated and keeping harmful bacteria and viruses out. The way it keeps moisture in is very simple: the skin secretes oils that form a protective barrier on the uppermost layers of the skin and this prevents water from getting out and leaving the skin dehydrated. But due to some external or internal factors, our skin can lose that protective barrier of oils and become dry or even dangerously dry. We’re going to look at the best hydrating lotions on the market that will hydrate and keep our skin healthy. 

1.      Complete Repair Emollient with 10% Urea by Eucerin


By far the best lotion for dry skin out there! It is meant to be used by people with a medical condition that causes their skin to be dry, by people who have dry patches or extremely dry skin. It can be quite oily, but the Urea in the lotion acts as medicine, repairing the skin.

2.      Cold Cream Body Lotion by Avene


Dry skin can also be accompanied by itching and if that is the case, then this lotion by Avene will help. If left untreated, dry skin can lead to dermatitis and while it may not be a severe condition, it may cause pain and it can even be a little embarrassing. 

3.      Lipikar Milk by La Roche Posay


This product is 20 years old and it is still one of La Roche Posay’s best sellers. This alone should be the first hint that should tell you how good this is. Use it after each shower or bath and apply a generous amount; let your skin absorb it well, then put on clothes. In a few days will see and feel the difference.

4.      Moisture Wrap Daily Repair Body by Neutrogena


Extremely efficient, this Moisture Wrap Daily Repair Body lotion does wonders for very dry skin. To make it more efficient, make sure that the water you use to bathe is not too hot. Hot water will dehydrate the skin and make it even drier. Their hand cream is also amazing!

5.      Nourishing Body Lotion by Nivea


Nivea will always have good lotions and creams. They have the know-how and the history behind to make something that will help dry skin regain its initial moisture and glow. One of the reasons our skin becomes dry is soap – it strips the skin from its oils and while you think it leaves you squeaky clean, what it does is leave the skin bare, without any of its natural moisture.

6.      Intensive Moisturizing and Nourishing Body Cream for Dry Skin by Apivita


If you don’t want to use any chemicals on your skin, then reach for this product and you will be satisfied. It has 89% natural ingredients, no parabens and silicones and it contains almond and lavender for soothing and providing moisture for the skin. Apivita is a Greek company that has slowly begun spreading all over the world, offering natural solutions and some of the best lotions for dry skin on the market.

7.      Moisturizing Lotion by Cetaphil


Quite inexpensive, the Moisturizing Lotion by Cetaphil will have you notice a significant difference in the texture of your skin in a short period of time. It is very efficient and you can find it in almost all drugstores.

8.     Soothingly Sensitive Aloe & Buttermilk Lotion by Burt’s Bees


Aloe is a natural calming agent – it is absolutely amazing for sensitive skin, while the buttermilk will act as a hydrating agent. This one is inexpensive and will help your skin stay hydrated and plump. Be sure to put it on after every shower and also whenever you feel a bit of tightening of your skin.

9.      MOISTURE THERAPY Intensive Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream by Avon


Avon has a history that cannot be ignored. The company produces good yet affordable body lotions and this one on our list is great for extremely dry skin. When skin is dry and dehydrated it will crack and allow bacteria and viruses to sneak in under it and give us infections. Avoid that from happening and always hydrate your skin some of the best lotions for dry skin.

10.  Natural Oils


Number ten on our list are natural oils – if your skin is dry and also sensitive, you can try using some natural oils, such as jojoba, sweet almonds or Grapeseed oils after you’ve finished bathing on your still wet skin. This will help lock moisture in and prevent your skin from becoming dry and dehydrated.


1.      Soothingly Sensitive Aloe & Buttermilk Lotion by Burt’s Bees