Vin Diesel is, with no doubt, one of those actors that impress by looks and skills to make an action-packed movie become a blockbuster. He is very much associated with the Fast and Furious series, but he is also known for other films that went well in the box-office, making him the man who checked almost 15 million dollars for destroying over 200 cars. So let’s see ten of the movies that made Vin Diesel the star he is now.

1. Pitch Black

This 2001 movie features Diesel in the role of Riddick, hence the Riddick Chronicles, a man blessed (or cursed) with a special skill set that will prove very useful in times of danger.


2. The Fast and The Furious

First movie of the series became a real cult among the fast cars aficionados, starring a badass Diesel playing a golden – heart outlaw with a deep sense of understanding of friendship, family and loyalty. And who could ride like a god.


3. Knockaround Guys

This movie was a little underrated, but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth the watch. Starring Vin Diesel,¬†Barry Pepper,¬†John Malkovich and Dennis Hopper, this is more like a road trip movie, fun and alert, and Vin didn’t disappoint in his role of a big, brainy, quite violent companion for the main character.


4. Triple X

Also known as XxX, this movie brought Diesel to the public’s attention with his special “man on a mission” role. The movie’s director, also the one responsible for Fast and Furious seemed to like working with the star, together creating an explosive action movies that fans remember very fondly.


5. A Man Apart

This was a movie that put Diesel on the right side of the law, playing a DEA officer ready to make any sacrifice in order to end a drug war and clean the streets. It is quite complex and the plot is well constructed, and of course, it doesn’t lack any of Diesel’s skills to play a veritable action hero.


6. The Pacifier

Here comes the comedy, proving once again that the cold, dark and cynical humor Diesel got us used to, served him well in this movie. He’s a S.E.A.L marine trained for combat but pushed to baby-sit the jolly children of a scientist who as killed. The war is nothing compared to these kids, but Vin makes it alive until the end.


7. Tokyo Drift

This Fast and Furious movie is set in Tokyo and is completely different from the other films in the series. Still, while many people hated it, just as many loved it for its filming techniques and a smart humor that accompanied the main character. We all know Vin Diesel doesn’t show up in this movie until the end, in maybe a 30 seconds scene, but man, did he changed the whole movie atmosphere with his deep voice and arrogant badass attitude!


8. Babylon A.D

You’d might think Diesel plays the same part over and over again, but it’s not about what he impersonates, it’s how it does it. This movie is about a former war veteran become a mercenary, hired to protect a woman who’s hiding a terrible secret. Easy, at first, action packed and quite suspenseful, but it puts Vin’s character in some situations he should handle and he does that naturally, having in mind that this movie plays with concepts and motifs such as genetic manipulation, Messiah’s second coming and religious cults.


9. Los Bandoleros

This is a short movie, produced and directed by Vin Diesel himself, a back-story for the characters in the Fast and Furious series, telling a little something about each character and filling the gaps in plot and story continuity up to the fourth film. A must see for the collectors and the fans.


10. Fast and Furious 6

We only have the trailer, as the movie is going to be released this year, but without any spoilers, we can say that Vin shows one more time a very twisted sense of justice and… he gets to smash all the cars he wants. This movie looks spectacular from the trailer and the reviews, so buckle your seat-belts, cause we can almost hear the engines roaring!