10 Naughty and Nice Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

A bachelorette party is a great way for you to show your friend, who is about to get married a good time before she takes the big step. Whether she wants to throw a lavish party with lots of naughty gifts, or a simple dinner where you and your friends will bond and reminisce about the good times you had – there will be gifts involved, so here are some great bachelorette gift ideas:

1.      Kinky Never Gets Old


The number one bachelorette theme is deals with kinky. Whether it is a cake shaped a certain way, or kinky lollypops, edible lingerie or flavored condoms, the wedding party girls know how to have a laugh. Just make sure the bride is game for such presents and won’t be bothered by them… and don’t overdo it. It’s funny to have one phallic shaped cake, but don’t throw in balloons shaped the same way – it will seem a little too over-the-top.

2.      A Walk Down Memory Lane


A great bachelorette party gift idea is for everyone who attends the party to bring a few photos of themselves and the bride. You can all arrange them in a photo album and reminisce about the good old days when people weren’t getting married and thinking about the future.

3.      The Classic Stripper


A stripper is THE bachelorette party gift idea! Make sure everyone will keep the secret and do the classic Oh, the police are at the door, maybe the music was too loud! A classic, indeed, but so much fun! Make sure the bride doesn’t have anything against that, otherwise there will be tears and disappointment, and the whole night could be ruined.

4.      You Can’t Go Wrong with Jewelry


A token of your friendship, some jewelry will be a nice reminder of all the good times you and your friend have spent. If it must be expensive you can all chip in and get the bride something really special, like a diamond pendant or a gorgeous bracelet.

5.      Lingerie for the Sexy Bride


Another timeless classic, some sexy lingerie for the wedding night or for the honeymoon is something they both will enjoy. Reach for silk, it may be expensive, but it’s perfect for a special occasion like this.

6.      Dance Lessons – Naughty or Nice


Give your friend, the bride, some dance lessons that she will put to good use on her wedding day or in the privacy of her bedroom – some ballroom dance or belly-dancing lessons won’t go to waste on a brand new bride. You can try to figure out ahead if she would enjoy such a present before you get it for her.

7.      Getting Serious


It’s good to joke around with fun presents, strippers and all that, but there are some occasions that require some decent gifts. If the bride wants to hold the party in a club or a bar, then lean towards the kinky, but if she’s holding it in her home and her mother and grandmother are invited, then maybe some tickets to see a play or a voucher for a fancy spa are much better and more appropriate.

8.      That VooDoo that You Do


There’s a hot new tradition the bachelorette party ladies do these days: you get a voodoo doll of the bride’s future husband and you cast different spells on it. Nothing major, though, we wouldn’t want the groom to choke to death on his honeymoon.

9.      An Oath to Protect to Guard the Secrecy


Presents are nice and all, but how about you bring an oath for all the people at the party to sign and swear that whatever gets said and done between those walls stays there. It is a fun thing to do – you can even write down secrets on little pieces of paper and then burn them.

10.  A Surprise Party


If the bride to be can’t afford a big party, you and your friends can help organize the entire bachelorette party. Think about the venue, the drinks and the entertainment – be sure to take everything into consideration so that it is guaranteed to be a success.