People are good at making resolutions but not so good at keeping them. We’ve written before about New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep, but in this article we’re going to take a look at the most popular New Year’s resolutions, the ones that people keep on making time and time again. I know I have the same three that constantly pop up in all my lists of New Year’s resolutions. Here are the most 10 popular ones, that almost everyone seems to make.

10. Focus More on Things that You Love

Family and Friends

People tend to get wrapped up in the little things that don’t really matter so much. We tend to lose sight of the bigger picture and the beginning of a new year is the perfect occasion to remind ourselves to focus on the things that we love, because in the end, they are the only things that matter. Be it your family, friends, pets or even your work, know what you love and find time to indulge.

9. Be Kinder


Kindness is what gives us our humanity, it is what makes us human. Trying to be kinder to those around us will make us better people and that is something we all should strive for. Start small, give a loaf of bread and a hot soup to a homeless person, donate clothes or money to shelters, to those who need it, then maybe you can be ready to volunteer, something that will help you really make a difference in the world.

8. Eat Healthy

healthy food

Eating healthier is what we should all strive for, because eating well is what makes our bodies strong and healthy. How about we give up junk food in 2018? How about we let the white sugar rest for a while? How about we eat more fruits and vegetables? How about we show our bodies respect? Try it and you will feel and see the difference.

7. Drink Less


Another popular New Year’s resolution is to consume less alcohol. We’re not suggesting that you give it up completely, you shouldn’t unless you might sense that a problem exists; we are merely saying that a resolution to drink less the following year will make your liver and wallet happier folks!

6. Lose Weight

lose weight

We truly believe that there isn’t a soul in the Western World who hasn’t made the resolution to lose weight in the New Year to come. So many people aren’t happy with their looks and they will do pretty much anything to achieve that unattainable perfection and losing weight is the easiest and handiest way to do it. But remember, don’t make the resolution, unless you need it, and always consult your physician before you go on a diet.

5. Save Money

save money

Spending money can sometimes get out of hand, especially during the holidays. That is why so many people vow to start saving money starting with January. The best way to start doing that is to make a list with all your expenses and see where you stand. If you can afford to save money, then do it, but if saving money is too much of an effort, then don’t it, it may not be worth it.

4. Exercise


Along with quitting smoking, exercising is the perfect way to keep your body healthy and agile. We suggest you search and find something that will work for you and your lifestyle, because there really isn’t a perfect recipe that we can all follow when it comes to working out. Try some Pilates, Tao Bo, jogging, Calisthenics and see what you like and then do it at least three times a week for half an hour a day. You will reap the benefits in no time.

3. Quit Smoking


Some believe that in twenty years’ time smoking will become illegal. This might be true, if you look at how many people have quit smoking and how much the laws about it have changed. If you’re still smoking, the 1st of January is the perfect time to stop. Get all the help you can, be it books, patches or electronic cigarettes and you will succeed. So many others have!

2. Read More

Stitched Panorama

Don’t let your mind go to waste, keep it busy, keep it active because studies have shown that if  you do this, you’ll be less likely to develop memory loss when old. Reading is the easiest way to do this. No matter how busy you may be, you’ll always find at least thirty minutes a day to pick up a good book and read without anyone interrupting.

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

work smarter

This is the most popular and the wisest resolution you can make. The secret to working smarter and not harder lies in knowing how to prioritize. Once you know what tasks are more important, you will dedicate more time to them and, in time, the balance will be restored. Talk to someone who can give you advice about what you do, advice that you know you will be able to follow. Be open to suggestions!

What are you popular New Year’s resolutions? How many do you manage to keep? How do you succeed? If you have any tips for us or you just want to chat, leave us a comment!