10 Quick Fun Ways to Release Stress

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Stress is the major cause for many illnesses and people should be very concerned when it comes to it and the effects it has on their quality of life. Stress factors can not always be removed from our lives so easily, but we can find alternative means to release some of the stress we accumulated during the day through some simple, very short, fun and relaxing ways. They may seem silly or purposeless, but most of them work like a charm when it comes to take away our worries for a few minutes and balance our system in order to think things through and see life in a more likeable perspective. Let’s see ten tips to relax and overcome stress, while emphasizing on their greatest advantages: they don’t last longer than two-three minutes and can be practiced anywhere, in the house, at the office and even in the street.

1. Frown

No seriously, frown for a minute, then stretch all your face muscles for another minute. Then repeat the operation a few times. If the idea of making all sort of silly faces doesn’t make you laugh, then this muscle work-out will release some tension.


2. Music

If you have hard moments and you just want to relax, play your favorite songs for a few minutes. The recommendation is to listen to happy, highly rhythmical songs, as they boost your mood, but whatever tunes you favor, they are all good for you to feel better.


3. Sing

Maybe you don’t have the voice, but singing is a fun activity to liberate you from stress. Sing in the house, hum in the office and even in the street on in your car. Allowing your brain to focus on some other activity will help it relax and help you process better the stress factors.


4. Dance

Well, not necessarily in the office, but if you’re in the comfort of your own house and you feel the problems suffocate you, dance them. Physical effort, combined with music is an excellent way to get rid not of the problems, but of the tension they cause you.


5. Play

If you know you handle stress badly, use an anti-stress ball, a beanbag or even a regular plush toy. A short physical activity allowing your brain to think and transfer some energy on the object of choice is a practice many specialists recommend.


6. Laugh

Don’t force it, it will make it just worse. But take a laughing break, read a joke, watch a funny short video or call your most funny friend you have. A few laughs make life look less terrible and you can do just about anything if you’re relaxed enough.


7. Take a walk

Not often doable, but you may try. If yoga or some other sport or anti-stress practice look too serious and too engaging for you, at least try to walk somewhere with fresh air as much as you can. Go outside and walk around the office building, it may help.


8. Imagine all the people…

Do people annoy the leaving breath out of you? Well, try to imagine them as being cartoon characters or weird adolescents from the movies. They won’t seem so bad anymore and maybe you’ll get to realize that they’re not perfect either. Imagining a stressful situation as being a rather comical one may help you relax and lose some of that tension you’re holding.


9. Kick

Anger management is a serious problem. For others, the fear of expressing anger is also a very real one. Not wanting to say things that can hurt people and not wanting to disrespect anybody, let alone punch somebody in the face, may cause a terrible anger built-up that leads to stress and a lot of psychological and physical disturbances. So kick a pillow or go around the house doing some karate movements. No one gets hurt and you can liberate yourself from some inner pain. Make also the sounds. Imagine you’re Bruce Lee, whatever crosses your mind. It’s fun, easy and effective.


10. Breathe

It’s not a must to follow some yoga class, nor to use a self-help training, though they are many. Just learn how to breathe right in the right circumstances. For example, inhale and exhale deeply, keeping the air in your lungs as much as you can and releasing it as strong as you can for three – five times. The brain gets its oxygen levels back to normal and you can go on with your day in a more relaxed manner.


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