10 Reasons to Believe in the Paranormal (1)

People like to think that there is something out there, something they cannot explain, maybe even something that watches over us. It is true that there are many things that we will probably never be able to explain through science, and it is these things that we find both interesting and scary. Here is our top 10 list of phenomena, creatures and facts about the paranormal.


A lot of names have been given to the ability of transmitting thoughts, or talking without words, but in 1882 Frederic W.H Myers, a British para-psychological scientist called it telepathy  Today, with the help of Carrington’s and Sanderson’s studies, it has been proved that people can indeed practice telepathy, the same way bees, spiders and ants communicate, and the same way that mother and cub communicate. We are, as a result, faced with an inexplicable situation of having a strong, attested paranormal phenomenon, world admitted but not correctly defined.


The poltergeist is a darker and more obscure part of the paranormal. What is impressive is that this phenomenon, has manifested itself in all the cultures of the world, in exactly the same way. A little scary, isn’t it? Probably the oldest mention of a poltergeist dates back to the I century, when a roman historian, mentioned cases of „ possession” or „haunting” in the same way that a poltergeist is described today. To shed a little light on the matter, we should first try to define what a poltergeist really is.  First of all, the term comes from German  and it literally means „noisy spirit”. What lead to this definition, was the presumable existence of unseen creatures which manifest themselves violently, by moving objects or making them levitate.

Time Travel

Scientists in Hong-Kong firmly believe that they can demonstrate that time travel, according to Einsten’s theory, is impossible  The concept of time travel was first brought to our attention 10 years ago, when scientists discovered „super-light” ( the ability to propagate optical pulses in a certain environment ). However there are still a lot of theories about time travel. Here is some food for thought: what would happen if we could indeed travel in time, and kill our grandfather? This means that he would not exist anymore, and consequently, we would never have been born. Mallet has managed to elucidate this mystery because he considers that when we act differently in the past, we create a new trajectory for the future, which will no longer be the same with our known present. In conclusion, by killing the grandfather you create another universe, but you will never be able to go back to the present from which you came from. There are many things to consider when you think about time travel, and this phenomenon in particular seems extremely interesting. Whether or not the possibility of time travel, or the existence of multiple-universes is possible, is yet unknown.

The Fox Sisters

Our number four mention goes to the Fox Sisters. Although they are not very known today, they are responsible for one of the most important hoaxes of all time. It all started in 1848, when the three women claimed that they could communicate with a spirit living in their house by „audible tapping” or „rapping”. In a short time they gave birth to the Spiritualist Movement, and influenced the beliefs of millions of people all over the world., and to be honest, the idea of communicating with a dead relative sounds very tempting, especially when you have left some things unresolved. Although the sisters confessed, in the end, that what they did was not the „real deal”, the number of followers continued to rise, and in 1990, spiritualism was recognized as a religion in the United States.

The Beast of Gevaudan

There are a lot of „paranormal” creatures in this world, but we will only mention one of them: the wolf-like monster of Gevaudan, which was blamed for killing 100 villagers in the Margeride Mountains in France. It seems that most of the creature’s attacks were focused on girls and their families’ flocks. Although most descriptions refer to it as some sort of wolf-like creature, in 1767 a deformed wolf was killed by a local farmer. After this, the attacks ceased. I personally believe that the Beast of Gevaudan is responsible for the birth of the „ werewolf” as we know it today.

The Bell Witch

In 1817, John Bell, who was walking across his farm in Tennessee, spotted a strange monster, with the body of a dog and the head of the rabbit. Obviously, he killed it, but little did he know that this will unleash a force greater than anything he had ever encountered. At first, he heard thumps on the walls, afterward his children were struck, and in the end the whispers and quiet singing began. Things became worse as the voice started to recite hymns, preach from the bible and engage in conversations  In the end Bell died, and the Bell Witch confessed that she had poisoned him. After his death, she disappeared, and only returned once the following year and seven years later.

Panic in the Woods

Many people claim that there is an unseen spirit in the woods, or some sort of force that brings trees to life. This idea is present in Lord of the Rings, where trees called „Ents” are described as tree sheppards and protectors of the forest. These Ents may be good creatures, but we are talking about something else. Panic in the woods is usually associated with an unseen life force and danger for the unwary. Can forests truly inspire fear? Forests have always been considered places of magic… or horrors, and even if there is nothing really there, people might feel pressured by the unsettling stillness of the trees or unfamiliar sounds of the surroundings.


The double, or the Doppelganger, has always fascinated people. Just imagine meeting „yourself” on the street. Of all the paranormal phenomenon, this is probably the most credible, and scientists all over the world have been enchanted by the subject. The myth about this creature says that in a certain corner of the world, lives the exact same replica of a person, but with a totally different personality. Essentially, one is good, and one is evil. It is said that a meeting your double is an omen of death. In reality, doppelgangers are studied by psychology and are considered to be the many sides of the same person, also known as multiple personality.


The ability to light things on fire with your mind is also known as pyrokinesis. The word comes from two Greek words, which mean fire and motion. The ability ranges from the power of moving a fire’s candle at will to setting things on fire. This can be accomplished with the power of the mind, and although science is still reluctant about it, there have been a lot of cases. There are people who say that they can teach you to do bend flames to your will with meditation techniques. However don’t get over excited, because you won’t be casting your own little fire ball very soon.


The curiosity of people is insatiable, everybody wants to know what the future holds, some even want to manipulate it. In moments of honesty even witches admitted that the future is in constant change. Only a few individuals are able to see into the future, and these people are called clairvoyants. However it is believed that you cannot control the future, because every decision that you make might change it. Much like time travel, clear-sight can also be defined with the help of multiple-universes. A great example in this case is the movie, Mr. Nobody, where a young boy is put in the situation to make an impossible decision, and from there on he creates his own versions of the future. Maybe we are taking it to far, because clear-sight is something a little different. The best possible explanation to it is that a gifted person can determine how your future will be depending on the way your present is, but this doesn’t mean that what they see is irrefutable. 

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