Health insurance has come to be regarded as something of a luxury cost in this day and age, yet the current recession makes it no less true that it’s important to have medical coverage. The costs of medical care, medical interventions and medical treatment tend to be rather exorbitant. As such, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of reasons to get coverage. Find ten of those reasons below.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Costs

The main perk to getting health insurance is that you will have most medical costs covered. Why pay for medical interventions, when you can have at least some of the basic procedures and treatments already covered for? It’s a well-known fact that medical care can take a toll on your budget, so avoid those unnecessary costs by getting coverage now.

2. Get Coverage for Your Loved Ones

A truly good health plan, such as the ones we found offered on HelpMeChoose, will not only keep you safe, but will also take care of your near and dear ones. This is especially true of health care policies for married or otherwise partnered couples, as well as for insurance policies for families.

3. Find a Plan for Your Stage of Life

And since we’re on the topic of living arrangements, it’s also worth mentioning that the market is currently competitive enough to allow you to find a policy that seems nearly custom-made for your particular stage of development in life. You might be single, a student, married, or in your middle ages, with adult children who have long since flown the coop – you, too, can find the plan that’s just right for you.

4. Save Money

Did you know that insurance of any kind, including health insurance, can actually save you money? How so? The principle is quite simple. If you’re already insured, chances are a simple online comparison tool an help you find a coverage plan with a health fund that will offer you better rates and more perks than the one you’re paying for right now. Don’t take our word for it. Look into it right now!

5. Stay Safe When Traveling

Health insurance is particularly important when traveling abroad. It doesn’t matter if you’re going overseas, or somewhere closer by to where you live. The important thing is that you stay safe and sound and protect yourself from all possible ‘worst case scenarios’. We advise you never to travel without health insurance, especially if you’re going away to an exotic location.

6. Expecting?

The health care demands of a pregnant woman are substantially different from those of most other people. You need to get frequently tested, in order to check on your baby’s progress and development. You need to make sure they are moving along the stages of in-uterus life just right, which is why you will definitely need health insurance. Make sure you apply in good time – some health funds will require you to apply as early as six months before the pregnancy itself, as it takes six months for all approvals to clear.

7. Young, Fit and Healthy

So you’re young, fit and healthy – why get health insurance? First of all, because “better safe than sorry” is a saying that always applies, irrespective of age or social standing. Secondly, because by getting health insurance before the age of thirty-one you’ll end up paying less for it once you reach your thirties.

8. Suit Your Lifestyle

Many people will pay for health insurance services that they don’t really need and never use anyway, while completely disregarding actual health care needs. The main thing to remember here is that a little bit of research will take you a long way. Understand your needs first of all, and then go looking for medical coverage that will take care of those needs, be they speech therapy for a little one or live-in care for an elderly parent.

9. Go Online for Better Offers

Applying online for health insurance is probably the best way to make sure you’re getting access to a wide pool of offers, as well as to the best possible prices on the market. Rebates and special offers are always available online, as the currently prevailing trend for private health funds is to encourage web engagement among their clients.

10. Get Guarantees

In case our arguments still haven’t gotten you sold, you need to remember that a good private health insurance provider will offer you a money-back guarantee on your purchase. Refunds are the best way to stay safe, whenever you’re trying to identify the best offer for your particular needs and lifestyle.