reading e-books on smartphone

Where would we be today without technology? Probably still writing letters instead of e-mails and wasting paper, spending money on long-distance calls instead of using Skype. Today’s technology has developed a lot, making our lives easier and saving money (after a significant investment, of course, because technology does not come cheap).

Probably price is the reason why people have not considered purchasing a smartphone. But on the long run, it really pays off. So, here are ten reasons that will convince you to start saving money and purchase a brand new smartphone for Christmas.

1. A smartphone can help you kill time

How many times did you wish to have a magazine, a book or even play a game to kill some time, while waiting for public transport or taking a train ride? This time you don’t need to brink any magazine, book or game console, because you have all that in a smartphone. Not to mention the fact that browsing the Internet can keep you busy for some time.

2. A smartphone helps you better organize

After a certain time, we all end up sooner or later using a calendar, or even sometimes 2-3 calendars. So although the habit of checking calendar form in time is there, it helps tremendously to know what to do or if you did your job.

3. A smartphone helps you have family pictures anytime and anywhere

The 5+ megapixel cameras’ performance provides sufficient quality to take pictures and makes a regular camera (as long as it is not a professional one) become obsolete. So, instead of purchasing a camera, better save that money for a smartphone.

4. You have easy access to documents and other data from your computer and keep them with you in your pocket

Here comes the interesting part for entrepreneurs. Sometimes your store important document in your computer and when you need them, you don’t have your computer in front of you. By using a cloud service, you can have both your phone and your computer together at the same time.

5. Traffic guidance and beyond (GPS)

It’s hard to believe that there is someone who prefers a map or who knows what other method instead of a GPS guidance which is sometimes more than helpful.

6. To be in contact with people (social networks)

For those in social media who want to be constantly connected with friends or just chat with them, this is a very useful feature on smartphones.

7. Easy access to information (Internet)

This is not something worth going into detail. You basically have the Internet right in your pocket. What could be better than that? Information about weather, traffic, stock or whatever you like.

8. Access to Electronic Books

Especially for when you have nothing to do or simply enjoy reading when you have a moment of silence. Maybe you’re somewhere in the mountains, and you forget to take your book with you, or maybe you have a relaxing lunch break and want to read a good book. A smartphone immediately responds to your needs.

9. For music

We know you can listen to music on older phones. But when it comes to a smartphone, you have a bigger storage space and you can listen to even more music. Plus the sound from a smartphone does not compare with regular phones.

10. For fun

Perhaps if you’re not a big fan of games and especially if you don’t have the latest model of GeForce at home, a smartphone can match the needs of an ordinary player. You can find all sorts of games that stimulate your brain intelligence.