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I bet you heard about the Vitamix and what a wonderful machine it is. It truly is a very powerful blender that can make your life easier and help you get healthy. We care about the health of our readers and we provide you a ton of articles about the health benefits of different foods, such as chia, give you great recipes and various tips and tricks. But what we haven’t told you is how much we love the Vitamix and how much it helps us stay on the right path food-wise. We truly believe that buying a Vitamix will be one of the best things you can do for your health and kitchen so here are 10 reasons why you should buy a Vitamix.

10. The Cost10 vitamix 5200

The Vitamix costs around $500. So why is that a reason why you should buy it, you may ask? Well, it’s the fact that it will last you more than 10 years. Imagine how many blenders and mixers you’ll buy during that time. When you add everything up, you’ll see that getting the Vitamix is the wise decision.

9. Protect the Environment9 environment

Whether you believe or not, but having a Vitamix will actually help the environment. Why is that? It’s because you produce less waste, use fewer chemicals and consume more fruits and vegetables. Besides, the plastic it’s made out of is BPA free. Go on, get yourself a Vitamix and do your part in saving the environment.

8. 7 Years of Support8 company support

I mean, it’s 7 years of support and warranty. When was the last time you bought an appliance that offered that much support and warranty? Not to mention that the folks over at customer support are really nice and helpful. They respond promptly and they help you out with whatever issue you’re having.

7. Amazing Recipes7 recipes

The Vitamix comes with a very useful book of recipes, so if you’re new to the whole blending thing, you’ve got the basics covered. Actually the book is teaching you so much more than the basics. You can make smoothies, sauces, hot soup, batter, flours and even nut butters. That’s right, throw in some peanuts and let the Vitamix make the smoothest peanut butter ever.

6. It’s Cooking at Its Easiest6 cooking

The thing about the Vitamix that most people love aside from making healthy and delicious recipes is the fact that it is dead easy to use it. You simply put all the ingredients in it and hit the button and seconds or minutes later, you’ve got your food ready. It blends ice and nuts and it does it splendidly!

5. Freedom5 freedom

Being so easy to use, the Vitamix offers you a lot of freedom. Just as any pot that you can leave unattended does or one that doesn’t process the food for longer than a couple of minutes. You can make hot soup in five minutes. It comes out hot not because the Vitamix heats it up, but because the friction created by the powerful blades heats the mixture up.

4. It’s Fun4 fun vitamix

If you want to buy a Vitamix you are going to have lots of fun, we assure you. It’s fun to make your own concoctions and experiment with food and recipes. You can even involve your kids and teach them about the importance of healthy eating. It’s easy to do that with the Vitamix.

3. Make Your Own Flour3 vitamix flour

Another amazing thing that the Vitamix can make is flour. Yes, you can put the grains of your choice inside it and hit the button and in a minute you’ll get fresh flour. So if the flour you find in stores isn’t to your liking or if you have a special diet you need to follow, such as gluten-free diet, trust the Vitamix.

2. Get the Kids Involved2 vitamix kids

As mentioned earlier, getting the children involved in the smoothie making process is a great idea and easy with Vitamix. And it’s also very safe, because the fruits and vegetables don’t even require processing before you put them in the Vitamix, so knives need be involved in this, just a quick rinse and you’re good to go.

1. Healthy Eating1 vitamix healthy

Well, this is our number one reason why you should buy a Vitamix. Even if vegetables aren’t your best friends, putting them in the blender will just pulverize them and make them yummy. Sneak in some green leafy vegetables and you’re on the right path of living a long and healthy life.

Are you considering buying a Vitamix? Do you own a Vitamix and would like to share your thoughts with us on this wonderful machine? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we love hearing from our readers.