Simple Tricks to Eat Healthier

If in 2018 you have decided to be more careful with what you put on the plate, we have for you some simple trick that will in fact have an impact on your lifestyle. For any big change, you have to start with small steps. So, here are ten simple tricks to eat healthier.

1. Drink coffee or tea

No cream, no sugar. The both contain important antioxidants and protect you from many diseases. A hot beverage is always a good idea in the morning when you need something to boost your energy for the entire day. First used in the early Christian monasteries in Ethiopia for reducing fatigue during long religious ceremonies, coffee is now one of the most consumed product containing caffeine, along with soft drinks and tea. Recent studies reveal the psycho-stimulant action of coffee. It seems that it improves reaction time and alertness and can create a good mood.

Coffee stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric juice and intestinal transit, favoring digestion, so it is not recommended to those with diseases such as gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcer.

2. Choose a meatless day

There are a lot of tasty recipes you can cook without using any meat. A day without meat is going to act like a detoxifier for your body and you will feel the effects immediately: you will feel lighter and more energized. Choose salads and healthy carbs and forget about grilled chicken and roast for just one day.

3. Drink water when you go out

Whenever you drink an alcoholic drink at a party, alternate it with a glass of water. Thus, you hydrate your body, you ingest fewer calories (alcohol has plenty, not to mention the fact that most people who drink tend to get hungry very fast and dig into junk food) and you do not get drunk.

4. Prepare lunch at home

Promise yourself that at least once a week you will make your own lunch to eat at the office. Anything cooked by you is automatically healthier than what you order from a restaurant. The ideal day to do so is Monday, because you have the weekend to prepare it. Very soon, you will make a habit out of making your own lunch and you will see the effects in two directions: you will be healthier and you will save a lot of money.

5. Support local producers                                              

If you want the best vegetables and fruits, find yourself some producers in your area and only buy from them. Knowing them and developing a relationship with them, you can ensure that their products are natural and you will be able to eat healthier. In addition, you can support their business and encourage your entire family to eat the best fruits and vegetables grown the right way.

6. Replace juice with flavored water

Nutritionists around the world are always telling us that we should avoid drinking juices and water should remain the healthiest option for when you are thirsty. If you do not like or you cannot drink it as it is, without taste (and there are plenty of people who are so accustomed with juice that water only makes them more thirsty), you have at hand some extremely simple recipes meant make water even more delicious than soda:

Water with infused fruit – Not exactly a recipe, because it is much simpler than that. You just have to reach for your favorite fruit, slice it and add it to the water that you are ready to drink. Add some ice and you have the healthiest flavored water.

Water with cucumber and mint – You do not even imagine how delicious water can be after you add these ingredients. You need four fresh mint leaves, 15 thin slices of cucumber and 2 liters of water.

Water with lemon and currants – Blackcurrant flavor not only give water a good taste, but a nice pink hue.

Water with citrus –Forget about lemonade. Enjoy all citrus at once. Add lemons, limes, oranges and ice and you get a very refreshing drink full of vitamins.

Water with watermelon and rosemary – You need 1.5 liters of water, watermelon-shaped cubes, watermelon juice and rosemary. After you mix it, you’ll enjoy a delicious flavor.

7. Use smaller plates

Want to eat less? It’s very simple. The first step is to use smaller plates. You will trick the brain trick and you will feel full after a small amount of food.

8. Replace unhealthy foods with natural ones

Frozen grapes instead of candy, avocado instead of butter, Greek yogurt instead of sour cream are just a few healthier choices you can make every day.

9. Sprinkle seeds over anything

Chia seeds, flax or hemp are full of amazing nutrients. So, add them everywhere – from sandwiches to salads and even desserts.

10. Eat colorful

The more colorful your meals are, the more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you will get.