crazy dance

We all do weird stuff when we’re alone and we think that nobody’s watching. Don’t think that you’re not doing it, because you are. In fact, that’s what makes us normal. Being completely normal while all alone isn’t really normal. From the occasional funny knock-knock jokes that we sometimes tell ourselves, to the downright bizarre, we’re got it all. Here is our list of things we do when we think nobody’s watching.

10. Eat in Front of Our Fridge

woman eating a snack

We’ve all done it – sitting in our pajamas in front of the open fridge, eating directly from the pots and containers. Why soil the dishes and flatware when you’re the one who’s going to be washing them? Use your hands for bonus points and also try to make a mess on the floor.

9. Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

crazy dance

Most people dance and those who don’t, do it when they think nobody’s watching. I remember when I was little and I hear Prince’s Cream and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I simply could not stand still while that song was playing. I still can’t and if there’s no one around to see me, I go wild, wild, wild.

8. Listen to Guilty Pleasure Music

britney spears

You can’t listen to Britney Spears in public because people will judge you and you wouldn’t like that, but when you’re all alone, you can listen to Hit me Baby One More Time for as long as you want. You can even to the dance routine or pretend you’re a high school girl. You know you’ve done that at least once in your life.

7. Talk to Ourselves/Dog/Cat

not sure meme

Talking to yourself in public is one of the most taboo practices out there. If you’re seen doing it, you’re almost instantly labeled weird or even sick. But when you’re all alone at home, you know you’re talking to yourself like mad (pun intended). If you’ve got a cat or a dog, then the talking will surely intensify as the evening progresses. You get extra special bonus points if you answer back in a different voice, because that stuff is freaky!

6. Pick Our Noses

pick nose

Oh, come on! Don’t even begin to deny that. It’s in our genes to pick our noses. That’s why our fingers fit inside our noses! Now, based on noes picking, there are four types of people in the world: those who roll up in a tiny ball whatever they find in there and launch it at random, those who wipe their hands clean on a tissue, those use a napkin to do the picking and those few who eat it – mostly kids and freaky people. Which one are you?

5. Peeing in the Shower

peeing in the shower louis c k

Statistics reveal that 48% of people pee in the shower, although very few like to admit that to friends. We’ve done a bit of research and it turns out that this practice is absolutely safe and also quite green. So there’s nothing wrong to relieve yourself in the shower! Did you ever pee in the shower? Do you do it on a regular basis?

4. Ignoring Texts/Calls Just Because We Don’t Feel Like Going Out


Have you ever found yourself looking at your ringing phone and then doing a small check to see if anyone’s caught you ignoring the call? When we simply don’t want to talk to someone, we’ll ignore their calls and just say we didn’t hear the phone. This practice works best when you’re alone at home. It’s just one of those things we do when we think nobody’s watching.

3. Let Out Embarrassing Sounds


Yes, we’re talking about farts and burps and other weird and embarrassing sounds that your body may produce. It’s how we’re built and I think we should do something along the lines of a social campaign to try and make farting as socially acceptable as burping. That’s a dream of mine. I shouldn’t have admitted that!

2. Pretend We’re Being Interviewed

jay leno

This is my favorite thing to do while I’m home alone. I like to pretend I’m a famous actor and I’m going to be interviewed by Jay Leno. I make funny little jokes that he and his audience find hilarious, I talk about my upcoming movie and say a nice little story about my equally famous costar. Don’t we all that?

1. Smell Different Parts of Our Body

smelling underarm

Smelling a part of your body is the perfect way of deciding if one needs a shower. No, it’s not, but we still do it. If there’s no stink, then maybe the shower can wait. Same with clothes that have only been worn once and they’re just somewhere in between.

What did you think of our list of things we do when we think nobody’s watching? Do you do any of these? Did we miss anything? Drop us a line in the comment section below and tell us what you think.