You either love Apple or you hate it. We have to admit that we adore Apple and think they are truly great innovators that help the tech world move forward faster. Without them, we’d be stuck in Microsoft mode surrounded by blue screens of death. Whether you love them so much that you’d want a career with them, or you just want to get everything they put out on the market,  there are some things we love about Apple. Those things are not likely to change any time soon. Let’s take a look at what those things are!

10. Packaging


Have you seen how a Microsoft Windows package looks? With all those colors and labels and writings! You take one look at that box and your eyes start getting tired. You don’t know where to look first. It’s a COMPLETELY different story with Apple products? Have you seen their sleek and beautiful packaging? How can you not love that about Apple?

9. Innovation


Apple makes quality products. Their attention to detail is legendary and their refusal to compromise is inspiring. One of the things we love most about Apple is their desire to innovate. They don’t just want to make a good product; they want to make a product that brings something new to the table, something that it hasn’t been done before. Only with this attitude will a company grow and be successful.

8. MacBook Air

macbook air

MacBook Air is something that blew everyone’s minds when it appeared on the market. It is so thin and beautiful, that it makes you want one. If you haven’t touched one, then we suggest you do, because you will fall hopelessly in love with it.

7. Apple Concentrates on a Few Products

apple lineup

Apple has a different approach than most tech companies. They would rather put out one or two iPhones a year, rather than 20 or more, the way most companies do it. They put out one MacBook Pro a year, a wonderful machine that is worth every penny. And if you think about it, it makes sense: they invest all of their energy into a couple of things so that those things are indeed close to perfection.

6. They’re Dramatic

apple events

Come on, it’s true! They are quite dramatic in everything they do and we love that about them. Their secrecy drives people up the wall. They manage to keep secrets so well, that it’s practically impossible to know what they’re going to come up with next. People look forward to their media events, like they would concerts. Other companies (ahem… Microsoft) are starting to emulate them in this area, but that’s alright with Apple.

5. The iPad


One of the things we love about Apple is the iPad, the original tablet. Apple is quite big on innovation, as we’ve already mentioned, and the iPad is the first successful commercial tablet. Microsoft worked on a tablet for decades, but came up with something in the early 2000’s that was so heavy that you couldn’t even hold it with one hand. In 2010, everything changed when Apple introduced the wonderful iPad.

4. The Design

Johnny Ive

Call us hipsters, but Apple products look so good! They’re stylish and fun and great to hold in your hands. They design is sleek and minimalistic, just the way future gadgets should be. Also, we’re in love with the new iOS 7 and we’ve got Apple head of design Johnny Ive to thank for that!

3. They Showed So Much Love to Music


Remember a time before the iPhone when the iPod was the star of the Apple events? How wonderful that time used to be? The craze was just as big as it is now with iPhones. There would be leaked photos months ahead of the launch. There would be applause and lots of “oohs and aahs”. Apple loved music and they still do and with the iPod, they’ve given us our music, so we can carry it in our pockets wonderfully. Don’t you even dare think of MP3 players in the same line of thought as an iPod!

2. Apple Products are Virus-Free

virus free

It is virtually impossible for Apple products to get viruses. This is one of the most main things that cause Windows users to choose Apple over Microsoft. So many anti-viruses, so many notifications and pop-up make Windows look like ancient history as opposed to a Mac operating system. Even the iPhones don’t get bugs! Well done, Apple, well done!

1. The iPhone


Come on, the iPhone was one of the first phone to use multi-touch. To hell with styluses, let’s use our fingers with our phones! Also, one of the first smartphones, the iPhone inspired all of the smartphones that followed after it. We truly believe that without the iPhone, the smartphone market would be much, much different today.

Did you enjoy the things we love about Apple? Do you agree with some of them? Is there anything else you love about Apple that you would like to share with us? Do so in the comment section below.