After a hard day at work the best thing you can do is come home and relax – maybe some Dead Sea salts in the bath and a glass of wine. But how can you relax when there are so many things to do around the house? There’s laundry in the bin, tiding up, the dishing are waiting for you in the sink and all sorts of other things that need to be done. We propose that you have at least two evenings a week when you simply go home after work and don’t do anything except relax and gather your thoughts. Make time for yourself, even though it may seem hard in the beginning.

10. A Glass of Wine


A glass of red wine will relax you and make you forget about the stress at work. We’re not implying that you chug a whole bottle of wine every day, as getting drunk isn’t too relaxing, but one glass will help you sleep better! If wine’s not your thing, go for beer or some cocktail.

9. Find a Hobby


It is vital that you have a life outside work – something to help shift the focus from your busy work life to your personal life. Go for that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do but never had time to do it. Try to find the time – really put an effort into it. A hobby will take your mind off things and will allow you to learn new things.

8. Have Friends Over


What better way to relax than surrounded by friends? Have a drink and something to eat and you’ll see the truth in the saying time flies when you’re having fun. Talk about your day, plan a vacation and have a laugh – you should invite friends over at least once a week to keep yourself entertained.

7. Music is Life


You arrive home from work, take your shoes off, sit down on the couch and play your favorite record – let the music soothe you and take you places in your mind. You should always try to find new bands and listen to various music genres. Don’t listen to the same old records you did when you were young. It gets pretty boring after a while.

6. A Good Book or a Movie


A good book will manage to pluck you out of your daily routine better than anything. You simply escape reality! A good movie will also do that for you – so get the popcorn and soda, get a warm blanket and embark on an adventure right there in the comfort of your house.

5. Dead Sea Salts Bath


Dead Sea salts are great for blood circulation and your skin. Run a bath and throw in a handful off Dead Sea salts in there and hop in. It will relax you and help you sleep like a baby. Maybe you didn’t know this, but Dead Sea salts also help reduce wrinkles – so you get relaxation and rejuvenation of your skin at the same time!

4. Work Out


If you still have some energy after a day’s work, you can relax and build up muscle by working out at home. There are many DVDs out there with routines you can do on your living room floor – try some Pilates, Tae Bo and even Yoga. If you don’t feel like working out, try some meditation instead.

3. Get a Pet


Having a pet waiting for you when you get home is probably one of the best feelings in the world. They’re so happy to see you and are so hungry for attention. If you’re the active type go for a dog, but remember, they don’t like being left alone in the house for too long, so if your work gets you home late in the evening a cat is perfect for you.

2. Cook


Cooking can be rather therapeutic. If you don’t know how to cook, there are plenty of people to learn from: Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson – they’ll teach you through the basics and in no time you’ll start getting good at it, so good that your friends will start begging you to cook for them.

1. Shut Eye


No surprise here – the number


one way of relaxing after work is to get some old fashioned shut eye. Why not catch up on some sleep and go to bed early at least one evening a week. Turn off your phone, have a Dead Sea salts bath and get cozy in your bed. You’ll feel great in the morning.